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Val serves as an interpreter at an optometrist's salesroom in Guatemala City. Proctor in Thailand. Local travel. There's more than one way to roast a pig...? . Bubble-blowing is a universal joy. Children line up at the orphanage. A steps construction project. Futball. Cooper, Stiles and Nick sample crickets. Thailand 2013. Will you be 2014?

Summer Service

It's cold. How cold is it? With single-digit high temperatures and dangerous wind-chill, we actually cancelled some ski events. Perhaps this is a good time to direct our attention ahead--to June--and south, to a couple of Proctor-sponsored service trips to Guatemala and Thailand. Next year's sophomores, juniors and seniors (excluding newly admitted students) may apply to join these extraordinary adventures by February 7. 

The Guatemala trip runs June 15-29. It starts in Guatemala City in partnership with Lemonade International (which has an amazing, inspirational short history!), as our team of students and faculty work with children and adults in Central America's largest slum, right in Guatemala City. 


Here is our June, 2013 team moving to a work site in La Limonada, where 60,000 people eke out an existence in a steep ravine devoid of police.


Here, Proctor students work with young children....


...and throw themselves into basic construction projects to benefit the community.

Photo Jun 24, 12 27 46 PM

he project then travels to the historic, UNESCO World site of Antigua, the prior, ancient capital of the country. Here, we shop in ancient aromatic markets, travel to a volcano on horseback, and volunteer at a local orphanage dedicated to very young boys who have been victims of abuse and/or neglect.. 


Megan Hardie, Ale and Ross Young will lead this trip, which costs $2,400. Financial assistance is available!

At the same time, June 15-29, another Proctor service group will travel to Thailand on a project in partnership with Rustic Pathways, with whom we are establishing a lasting relationship. This program features rural village homestays, volunteer work at an orphange from a refugee camp near the Burmese border, a visit to the Hill Tribe Village, elephant rides, cooking and meditation!






Adam Jones wrote a great set of blog posts from Thailand 2013.


he Thailand service trip costs $2,600, and --again--financial assistance is available, so all interested students should apply. Just think: these amazing programs will be coming home in just five months.... Any questions regarding these opportunities should be directed to Adam Jones at
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  • Adam Jones
    Chuck...this is a beautiful post! Thank you so much for taking the time to celebrate and promote our summer service work!
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