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1500 Miles Later...

Howdy Y’all!

We are writing to you from the lone star state of Texas. We have had quite the adventure since we first arrived in Atlanta, Georgia for the new year!

It all started in Georgia where we regrouped and stayed in a nice cabin. Here we endured colder temperatures than the New Hampshire weather. We relearned the systems and traditions for Mountain Classroom with a friendly Olympics game which included tarp building, Iron Chef and some fun opening ceremony dances. Our time in Georgia was slightly tainted due to the stomach bug and cold that overcame the majority of our group. Otherwise our four-day stay in Georgia was a success.

We then started our journey west. We left Georgia bright and early and had a long drive through Alabama to the coast of Mississippi where we camped for the first time in Waveland. We continued on our drive, passing through Louisiana and enjoying a nice lunch with some real southern food (fried everything) on the coast, before continuing on into Texas.

We camped outside of San Antonio our first night in Texas, expecting a quick layover before heading on to the Rio. Sadly, our plans didn’t work out. On our grocery stop in San Antonio we discovered our trailer’s broken axel. We spent some quality time in the wonderful Texan grocery store, H.E.B, where we indulged in many great samples, as Crescent and Pete problem solved as to what to do about our broken trailer. Long story short, we had to abandon the trailer at a San Antonio Goodyear, rent a beautiful black Chrysler Town & Country mini van, and spend two extra nights in Palmetto State park where we made new friends with our RV neighbors.

Despite all complications and lack of a trailer, we managed to make it to Terlingua, Texas to prepare for our canoe trip on the Rio Grande. On January 16th we embarked on a journey of a life time along the magical Rio Grande. We traveled through the beautiful Boquillas canyon, taking a layover day on the Mexican side to explore the majestic canyon. Of course, no trip is complete without a few complications. Kate, Erica and Baird all flipped, and Kate was in every boat that flipped...But we all still managed to have a great time and learn a lot from our fearless river guide, Jeff.

After six amazing days on the river it was nice to regroup once again in Terlingua to take showers, do laundry, and check in with home to let everyone know we were still alive. We left Terlingua yesterday, still without a trailer, and headed out on our journey west. We are staying at the beautiful KOA campground in Van Horn, Texas, where they put the “K” in kampground. Tomorrow we head to El Paso for our visit to the Annunciation house. We would like to give a quick shout out to Pete, Crescent, Patty Pond, and Will Ames for helping us problem solve and create a solution to get our trailer back. If everything goes as planned we should be reunited with our beloved trailer by next week! We hope everyone is doing swell back in the home land. We miss y’all but are having the time of our lives here on Mountain. See you in March!

From your sisters in the south,
Queen B and Katherine (Baird and Kate)
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  • Warren Davis
    So jealous...sounds amazing!! love to all (especially you "queen b") xoxo- Warren
  • Annie MacKenzie
    Sending Love and blessings! Thanks for the update! Miss you guys...
  • Joan Saunders
    The images are worth thousands of words, but you'll have millions of memories. It is without a doubt the BEST way to see this country- Mountain Classroom go strong! Thanks for the detailed - up to the moment- feel in the blog.
  • john ferris
    The unexpected events make it an adventure! Sounds like you have had your fair share though and could use some smooth sailing. Glad the river was as wonderful as hoped. Enjoy and grab some sunshine for us!
  • lisa neimeth
    sounds like you all handled a potentially intrusive situation really well! a great lesson in being flexible and the unpredictable nature of traveling. so cheers to all of you! we are so envious of the places you have been and are headed. canoeing on the rio grande (capsizing and all :-) sounded incredible! hoping the next leg goes well!
  • Jon Beard
    Awesome to hear that you are having the time of your lives on Mountain! Sounds like a fantastic start. Be safe and enjoy the ride!
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