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A pont - Jonathan Goodnow

EAC W'14 Week Three

Photo: Jonathan Goodnow.
This past week we left our home in Aix and headed north to Paris. During our week there, we learned how to navigate our way on the Metro, we explored the famous Louvre museum,

Photo: Michelle Asch
and we visited the Palace of Versailles.

Gare de Lyon.

Photo: JG

Photo: JG

Photo: JG

Photo: JG

Photo: JG

Photo: JG

The famous Opera ceiling painted by Chagall

Photo: JG

Photo: JG

Photo: JG On a particularly enjoyable day, we learned the very old method of engraving (intaglio) by local artist and Dave and Jen’s long time friend, James King.

What we watched and learned about the ancient method of engraving is that it is etched into copper and is soaked in a tub of various different acids to make the engraving visible.

Learning about the different cuts and etchings it takes to create an engraving is mind blowing.

Photo: Michelle Asch

Photo: MA

We all seemed to enjoy creating an etching of our own, except ours were done on pieces of plexiglass, not copper. Creating our own work was very fun and we each got to bring home a souvenir from James King’s studio.

Photo: MA
We had to take an hour train ride to get to his town of Mantes-la-Jolie.

We saw this one time beautiful bridge, destroyed in WWII by the French in hopes of stopping the advance of the German army.

Later we learned that it was painted by the famous French painter, Camille Corot(other bank of the river) in 1868. Sam Barrett presented him to us during our first week.
We also got a chance to watch a modern ballet, visit the Museé d’Orsay where we got to see many of the famous Impressionist works.

Photo: MA
We not only did all of these amazing things but we each spent a day entirely to ourselves where we had time to explore the “City of Lights” on our own.

Photo: MA
Dave was the only one to leave Paris and followed the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh to his last town, Auvers-sur-Oise.

Some consider this his last painting before van Gogh shot himself.

The actual site but in winter.

Being in Paris gave all of us an opportunity to taste new foods like escargots, fois gras, steak tartare, and various other traditional dishes.

By the end of each day we hit the pillows exhausted and filled with knowledge of the art we admired and the amazing sights we saw.

Sam draws in Versailles with two astonished observers.

Now back in Aix, we are gearing up for London and England. We are starting to learn about famous English literature, history and of course continuing to learn and see famous works of art.
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  • Scott Allenby
    Amazing photography. Thanks for the window into your world!
  • anne landers
    Quel meirveilleux blog dans lequel vous partagez des moments fabuleux dans la ville lumiere! Je suis contente de voir que vous aimez la cuisine française
  • ted landers
    Wonderful blog update Abigail, sounds like another fabulous week on Euro Classroom! Enjoy every minute!
  • Mike Henriques
    Great to see this vibrant wing of the school in action. The travel, the photos, the narrative - all makes it feel as you are not so far away but just on the other side of a magical campus door. Thanks for opening it. When you add the narrative to the images it makes it all the richer, so don't hold back. We love those stories! Would that we could switch with you for a day or two. Cheers from chilly New Hampshire!
  • Erik Cole-Johnson
    Bonjour à tous et merci Abby pour le blog. Jonathan, j'ai bien aimé la photo de la Seine la nuit avec le bateau mouche, parmi d'autres. Bonne continuation de cette incroyable voyage!
  • Laurie Zimmerman
    Amazing to see these stunning photos and all your beautiful faces. You are missed! NICE job, Abby!
  • Phil Goodnow
    Thanks, Abigail, for the blog...and great photos. Looks like beautiful scenery and exciting adventures were had by all. Not rest up before the next trip to favorite city.
  • Valerie Ferris
    Thank you for your blogs! It is wonderful to see Paris again through your eyes. John and I have traveled there, and your beautiful photos and journals of your adventure make us want to return. Enjoy!
  • john ferris
    Thanks for the update and photos. Loved the photo with the red/purple sky and the ones of intaglio print making. Paris sounds great and agree with Heidi on bread....especially pain au chocolate! Enjoy!
  • Heide Johnson
    I LOVE these updates!! Particular thanks to Jon and Michelle for their gorgeous photos... It's so wonderful to see what this group is up to! Enjoy the escargots and fois gras and baguettes - why can't American bakeries make bread like in France? :-)
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