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This is how the biomass furnace is supposed to look.... Lunch prep in the kitchen. Hmmmm. The fresh fruit looks good. Eamonn has scored at Jake's. Tristan is the only person in the United States walking around with a container of cordero machengo! Max is all set. Michael displays a baggie with the remains of a cookie. Henry relives a long tradition of ice maintenance on Proctor Pond. Happy Bonus Weekend!

Fire, Ice... and Food

"Fire & Ice" was the theme of Saturday's dance. By all accounts, it was a rousing success due to the work and contributions of parent volunteers to whom we are grateful. Let's see if I can weave the same theme through images from the past few days. Let's start in the boiler room of the central steam plant, where Dana Newton P'17 and Todd Goings are working on a recalcitrant biomass furnace. Actually, a computer glitch is the culprit....


t Wednesday's breakfast, Nate Mazur and Gregor Mackechnie '90, P'17 man a temporary made-to-order omelette station with portable propane burners. (Get it? I'm still on the fire theme.)


p in Room 4, Alé Young's Spanish class has prepared Spanish and Latin American dishes. These young chefs are prepared to explain their recipe for a complex lamb stew called Cordero Machengo



Others are offering up empanadas, guacamole and salsa, chicken/lime tacos, tortilla Española. 


 seem to have drifted from the theme of "fire" to the always popular theme of "food." Let's go with it.
Rushed to catch a bus to Ragged Mountain, Eric grabs a snack at Jake's Market.


ou can always purchase lunch at the Wise Community center, where Ed Barkowski offers specials including hot drinks such as yesterday's caramel latté. Oh look, the couch in the Wise is a convertible! Who knew?


oving on to the "ice" theme.... Junior Varsity boys lace up for an afternoon of classic pond hockey.


his is our heritage: Proctor Pond was created for hockey sixty years ago!


f course, there were rudimentary boards (with angular corners) back in those days. Eventually--in the '60s, lights were installed on telephone poles for night play.


lumni will play a game here on February 22 at 2:30 PM!


nd, of course, the annual Proctor Ski Area Celebration is just around the corner on February 8, 5:00-8:30 PM. All are welcome!

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