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Annunciation House and White Sands

We are here at Oliver Lee State park in New Mexico, United States of America. We are having a great time soaking in the beautiful views, the warm rays of the sunshine, and happiness. Yesterday we went to White Sands National Monument where we had a blast sledding, hiking, and flinging our bodies off of huge white sand dunes. The hike was completed with glorious sights of rolling white sand dunes that went on for miles. We also had a magnificent time sledding down the steep dunes and jumping off of them. Overall, it was an unforgettable day that we will all surly remember for the rest of our lives.

We had just finished our amazing stay at the Annunciation House and Casa Vides in El Paso, Texas, where we learned a lot about our southern border and undocumented immigrants. We started our stay with a visit to Las American legal assistance firm where we learned about why people come to the United States and the struggle of gaining citizenship. It was an eye opening experience. We have been reading articles about this issue for months in our Frankenscience class (social science), but nothing compares to a firsthand experience with someone who is a huge part of the struggle. We then had a quick stop at the Border Patrol museum where we heard the other side of the argument. After a full day of taking in info about both sides of the border, we had our first night at Casa Vides where we were introduced to the guests who live there and learned some more about their personal struggle. We also had our first night in a bed and inside.

We woke the next day rested from our slumber and got ready to be introduced to the boarder fence. The image of the fence will be imprinted in all of our minds forever. We had learned so much about the fence but seeing the physical wall was something that shocked us all. We also had some broken conversations with children from Jaurez through the fence. We then mowed down on some authentic homemade Texican burritos. We retreated to the comfort of our new home, Casa Vides, where we were entertained by our friendly host. The night ended with reflections of the day.

Through out the entire experience at the Annunciation house we learned and formed opinions about the border, farm workers rights, the abuse of immigrants in our country, and why these people come to the united states. We found that many perceptions and stereotypes that we once held were lifted through all the information we received and shocking personal stories that we heard. The Annunciation House was an emotional and educational experience to us all that we never want to forget. 

As we move west, our mind expands and our views of the world are altered for the better. We have seen things that we never thought that we would see. We have heard things that have broken our hearts. We can’t help but wonder what will come next. We impatiently wait for our solos and to be in Arizona. On every adventure, we can’t help but wonder how this is school and what will we see next. We are the luckiest kids in the world. 

Jaeger A. Hodge and McV LaPointe
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  • Granny Nichols
    So great to hear from Queen B and Katherine again, You two should become syndicated! Might there be a Mt,Classroom for us old folks? Sounds like a really special time. A real Proctor experience for sure. We'll be thinking of you all as you go solo! Happy days ahead! Safe travels. Gran and Grandpa Lou
  • Garth Lapointe
    V, I sent copies of the blog to your sisters. Pretty impressive perspectives on issues we usually would rather avoid thinking about. Thanks for sharing and opening our eyes also.
  • Lynne & Chris Bartlett
    Great post, Guys! Have fun in Arizona and revel in your upcoming solos. Have a burrito for us while you're at it!
  • Ceil Parteleno
    Wow it sound like you are having an experience that is both magical and meaningful
  • john ferris
    Thanks for sharing the exhilaration of the Sands and your changing views on immigration and society. A real blend of experiences that are wonderful. i could use a solo right now! All the best!
  • Chuck Will
    "On every adventure, we can’t help but wonder how this is school and what will we see next. We are the luckiest kids in the world. " is the best comment I've ever heard from a Proctor student. So grateful for that.
  • Franny McHale
    I am SO jealous of all of you! I am writing this as someone who participated on Spring Mountain in 2012. It's been 2 years but I still think about Mountain, all the time!! I hope you all are having fun, shout out to Crescent, Baird and Hallie. Have the time of your life, and don't do anything cause your too scared, you'll regret it. Live in the moment and Baird don't bite anyones calves. XOXO to you all!
  • Peter Dickstein
    Thank you for this and the other posts. The trip and the journey are amazing and it is wonderful to hear about both. We also love seeing that 603 area code pop up on caller ID!
  • lisa neimeth
    beautiful post about the inequities and juxtapositions of our american society so physically tied to another culture and country. I am so happy you are all having this experience. Having this exposure and awareness will only serve you so well in all that you may do later on! and have fun on the solos!
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