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The hike to a deer kill site proved to be more of an adventure than expected for Molly, Taylor and Jamie. Terrain was icy, steep and confusing! Wednesday's snow creates a protective subniveal zone for rodents. We'll protect ourselves. . . . Walker clarifies things in calculus. Ethan polishes aluminum on a lathe. Cayetano counts his money during an economics role play. Something is growing on copper in a silver nitrate bath. What is it? Grace is focused on the answer! Ian applies psychology to chemistry. Gerry and Dave are in the zone. .

Subnivean Zones

Two members of Wildlife Science stumbled upon a deer kill site last week while hiking Proctor woodlands. This calls for a class visit to examine the site for clues. Dave Pilla carries a hatchet on the chance a femur or other large bone is found.


one marrow could indicate if the deer had been malnourished. But no bones remain. This was the work of coyotes that surrounded a deer drinking from a stream in a steep ravine. The deer had no chance in this natural trap, and coyotes tear the body apart and drag pieces off in different directions to devour. The reality of what happened here triggers human emotion, yet we know that we're observing nature, nature that is beyond judgment.


The snow underfoot is thin, coarse, graular and icy. It provides minimal subnivean protection for rodents that are prey to coyotes, owls, and many other species. 


e need snow, and it comes Wednesday!




e'll enjoy the snow later. For now, like voles and mice, we stay under cover in our own subnivean zones. We left copper wire in a silver nitrate (AgNO3) bath over the long weekend. Now it's covered with some crystalline material. Our task is to remove the mystery matter, and mathematically determine what it is.



ith its spectacular light, Slocumb Hall affords artists an inspirational respite from the elements.




tudio art instructor Corby Leith '92, who studied art from Nancy Begin in this space, has created an alcove near the entrance to Slocumb Hall for temporary individual student projects. A class of ninth graders visits Gabbi's etheral installation.


This young man has a plan that has no use for a subnivean zone....

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  • Ryan Bowse
    Great post Chuck.
  • James Cormier
    Dave Pilla's widlife adventure! One of my all time favorite classes. Whenever I run or walk in the woods, I'm intirgued by the tracks I see, curious if my identifications are correct. More than likely ther are incorrect, think I earned a generous C in that course). I enjoy trying anyway, reminiscing about my experience at Proctor Academy. Pilla is a good man!!
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