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C'mon, Chuck.... It's tomorrow, right? The year's worst kept secret? This will definitely get us on the Corner. . . In the iron forge, Nathaniel works on his woodshop project: a  firewood shed. Students fashion a jump below their dorm. Looks like it's tomorrow... Hanging out. This could use a little Framed.

Head's Day

The tradition of a winter term Head's Holiday goes back at least sixty years, to a time when skiing was so popular that Proctor marketed itself as "The School On Skis." 


he transition from Slalom Hill (north of the football field) to newly-cut trails on Patterson Hill (now Proctor Ski Area) was underway, but the Head's Holiday was originally a day when everyone boarded busses for a ski resort. It was a thrill to get off campus and ski elsewhere. Over the years, the student population became ever-more diverse, and we began offering alternative activities. Opportunities to get off campus are many, today. Our own ski area improved to a point where the thrill of transportation to Sunapee or Cannon faded. Increasingly, students used the holiday to catch up on sleep, get caught up on work, and just hang out. 

The holiday is a surprise, of course, but the later it is scheduled, the greater our certainty that we know what's up.


C'mon Chuck.... It's tomorrow, right?


In an email announcement to the community Wednesday after study hall, Mike shared what he admitted was "The worst kept secret of the year!" Thursday was the day. This was a different Head's Holiday, because of a coincidental snowstorm which increased throughout the day. As a communicator, I appreciate Boston Highway Authority's attempt to get the message across to the locals using their language.


The boys in Peabody House had a late, liesurely breakfast cook-in in the commons room. 


Prohibiting most off-campus activities, the storm opened new possiblilities for a midyear day without classes.



Head's Holiday?! It's the birthday of everyone's favorite baker, Edna Peters!

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