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Beautiful things

Exploring medieval castle ruins and searching for that perfect photograph (Photo credit: Henrique Ferreira)
Flowers from the Thursday market have dried.

Meaghan's mom and her friend Kelly visit Segovia!

Isabella's sisters come for a visit, too!  Her sister Lily participated in the Proctor en Segovia program more than ten years ago. (Photo credit: Mary Ellen Sheehy)

Students prepare a delicious dinner.

And then wash all the dishes.  Many hands make light work.

Happy Birthday, Amy!
Buying fruits and vegetables at the Thursday market.
As I fly down the hill and take a right at the castle, my breath is completely taken away.  In front of me, through the gentle raindrops I look across the river and see the Sevogian countryside that so resembles the view of all of the rooftops, visible from the other side of the city.  The day outside is cosy, covered in a soft blanket of grey clouds and surrounded by the comforting old buildings. I feel as if I'm back at Proctor running on the rail trail, only instead of trees, there is faded orange stucco wrapped up around me.  I pass a few walkers who give me the usual suspecting looks as I dare to show my bare legs and get exercise during their sacred siesta time.  I jog down another hill and after crossing an old stone bridge, I am soon next to the river that runs around the bottom of the castle wall.  I look up and see turrets and towers and try to imagine someone similar to me living there and looking down to where I am.  The terrain becomes uphill and I put my head down and give myself a mental pep talk, forgetting about my imaginary royal family until the next time I visit.

~ Isabella Ellis

Castillo de Turégano (Photo credit: Isabella)

Photo credit: Isabella

Turégano (Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter)

Castilla y Leon (Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter)

Students share an umbrella with Salamanca street art behind them

Battling with wind and rain to get that perfect shot

Inside Salamanca's Catedral Nueva

The bell tower of Salamanca's old and new cathedrals.

Chocolate con churros.....que rico

Ryan reunited with his host mom in Salamanca (He lived with her for four months in 2005!)

Wonderful dinner at Bistro Zazu

Mikaela's birthday cake

Presents for Mikaela too!

Salamanca's Plaza Mayor

Adorable children dressed up on Sunday

History discussion in front of Salamanca's wall

Meaghan bids farewell to her mom and Kelly.

Salamanca's Convento de San Esteban

Salamanca's Casa Lis, an Art Nouveau and Art Deco museum

Salamanca's Huerto de Calixto y Melibea

This garden is dedicated to the 15th century novel Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea by Fernando de Rojas.

A matchmaker, la Celestina unites Calisto and Melibea, but alas, the story ends with the Celestina's murder, Calisto's tragic death, and then Melibea's suicide after she discovers the death of her lover.
Together forever
Henrique's images from a photography trip in Turégano

Photo credit: Henrique

Clouds and sun in Turégano (Photo credit: Henrique)

Photo credit: Henrique

Photo credit: Henrique

Photo credit: Henrique

Amigos on Segovia's Calle Real (missing Amy!)
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  • Kelly Jung
    Great group of kids!!! Thanks for helping me make memories in Spain!!
  • john ferris
    Happy Birthday Mikaela and Amy! As always thanks for the blog and the update. It is wonderful that Mary Ellen got to visit. Enjoy the last week or so and safe travels to all!
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