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Enjoy a window into the Proctor community provided through news stories, blog posts, video, assembly podcasts, and images of day-to-day life on and off-campus.

When Content Comes Alive!

Proctor’s academic curriculum is centered around the belief that learning by doing creates enduring memories in the classroom. While our five off-campus programs epitomize the experiential learning process, each on-campus course is rooted in the same philosophy. This winter, Megan Hardie’s Forensic’s class utilized knowledge of physics, biology, and chemistry to conduct crime scene investigation. Below, Megan and her students conduct a blood spatter lab that was captured beautifully in this video:

Down the hall, Phil Goodnow’s Criminal Justice class spent the term studying different components of the criminal justice system. Most recently, NH State Trooper Greg DeLuca and Tyson, his Belgian Malinois K9 visited class to discuss his career path and responsibilities as a member of the K9 unit. His eight-year partnership with Tyson, from regular training to day-to-day procedures, was inspiring and gave students insight into this unique law enforcement partnership. Greg and Tyson even conducted a staged drug search in The Wise Center.

Earlier in the term, Sargent Fred Lulka and Sargent John Sonia of the NH State Police Major Crime division visited campus to talk with students about their varied careers in law enforcement, which included everything from study at Columbia University to serving as an MP in the US Army before pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Forensic Psychology. Prior to their visit, students had been studying appropriate searches and seizures related to potential violation of constitutional protections, and the face-to-face conversations with individuals whose day-to-day lives deal with these challenges brought the content to life.

As we enter exam week, we thank all of our teachers for their creativity and desire to make content come alive in their classrooms!
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