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Hasta el final, ¡Vamos Real!

A major highlight of the term: it's time for Real Madrid!
Photo credit: Haley de Vries

Photo credit: Haley de Vries

We get off a crowded subway and walk up the stairs. As soon as I get the first breath of fresh air the sounds of the stadium fill my ears. I look around and see people chanting in the streets, everyone chanting, “Real Madrid.” I look further and there it is, the stadium. It is so massive, seating eighty-four thousand; it is the biggest stadium I have ever seen. Ryan gives us our tickets and I head into the stadium. As I go to the opening, I see the field for the first time. It is huge with everyone chanting and yelling; it was amazing. We get to our seats fifteen rows from the field. To my left there is a man with a microphone leading his section on the Real Madrid chants and songs. The crowd went crazy and the game began.

~ Nick Vercollone

Luka Modric (Photo credit: Haley de Vries)
The most die hard fans don't prefer to sit close to the field and right next to the goal in order to have the best view of the field of play.  But, for us, not having a perfect view of the play at the opposite end of the field was a small price to pay.  When Luka Modric took a corner kick on our side and Gareth Bale almost headed it in, we were just feet away from them!

On Saturday night our group rushed onto the crowded, stuffy, and wild subway filled with Spaniards dressed in Real Madrid attire. While stepping out of the exit tunnel I noticed the huge stadium towering over me. The stadium lights shone on the fans' white flags and made them glisten in the air. We sat separated in groups of two about twenty five feet from the field. We spent the next two hours admiring the talented players, participating in the fans’ chants, and batting cigarette smoke away from our faces.

I have played soccer my entire life, but have never truly considered myself a fan until coming to Spain. Spaniards, and definitely my host family, have a very different appreciation for the game. The fans were dressed unusually nicely, as if they were heading out to the finest dinner. They were constantly focused on the game, intently watching every touch. During the second half, one of the refs made a questionable call against Real Madrid and the fans were appalled. In a furry of anger an older man in front of us ejected out of his seat and started swinging his personal sack full of bocadillos (Spanish baguette sandwich) at the ref. After this game, (4-2 Madrid beat Villarreal) I now understand how important this sport is to Spain, and can appreciate that the fans are as passionate about their sport as we are in the US about ours.

~ Meaghan Sheehy
Wearing their Real Madrid gear

In December 2013 The Guardian ranked Gareth Bale the seventh best soccer player in the world!

Photography trip to Ríofrío (Photo Credit: Stiles Alpeter)

Nicola, making the best of a rainy photo trip! (Photo credit: Isabella Ellis)

Spanish class fashion show

Students hard at work on their final literature projects

Out for dinner at a famous Segovian restaurant, José María, to try Segovian cochinillo (suckling pig.)

Ponche Segoviano for dessert

Tapas for dinner in Madrid

And Henrique's mom and sister came all the way from Brazil!

Nick's parents traveled to Segovia too!

And Isabella's parents and two of her sisters visited as well.

Host familia meets family.

Proctor students are on their way to becoming professional Spanish chefs.

They learned to make the very popular dish, tortilla de patata, egg and potato omelette.

They also prepared a delicious flan.

Advanced Spanish class travels to Segovia's Monasterio del Parral

Views from the monastery

Lots of flowing water throughout the peaceful monastery

If Proctor en Segovia Advanced Spanish class were a band, this would be their album cover.

Or maybe this?
Isabella takes a water color painting class with Rosa each week.

Imagine an army of Almohads on horseback in the 12th century trying to attack this strategic city!  Photo credit: April Scott

We arrived in Toledo, at a cute hotel, tucked away on a back street. Soon after arriving we walked to the huge cathedral in Toledo. It was beautiful. The streets were small and had many turns, much different than the previous cities we had traveled too. At first, to be honest, I was skeptical about Toledo. I knew it was a very religious city, and the numerous streets confused me. From our hotel, you couldn’t see much of the city. We went to a delicious dinner Saturday night with Nicola’s father and sister who were visiting. I really began to love Toledo when Haley, Amy, and I took a trolley on Sunday. We were expecting it to take us around the inside of the city, and we just had extra time to kill before catching our train home. We were amazed at what we found. The trolley took us outside the city and we had incredible views. I immediately appreciated Toledo much more. We were able to see the river that surrounded the city, the bridges, and the large walls that protected the city. We were also able to see the castle and large buildings that were inside the city that we didn’t even know existed before the trolley ride. It was the best fourty-five minutes I spent all weekend. After the trolley ride, I appreciated Toledo’s beauty and was very glad that we were able to travel there for a weekend.

~ April Scott

Our hotel (Photo credit: April Scott)

Inside Toledo's cathedral (Photo credit: April Scott)

Photo credit: April Scott

Photo credit: April Scott

Photo credit: April Scott

Last weekend our group visited the historic city of Toledo, which is famous for being a well-preserved walled medieval town. The group members and I were very excited for this trip; many of us were very interested in exploring a town that is over fifteen hundred years old. Once we were in the town I was very intrigued by the architecture and the shape of city. Everything looked different from anything I had seen before. The city roads were very narrow and all the buildings seemed to be squeezed together, yet the city transmitted a very good feel. It was interesting to think that people had been living there for such a long period of time.

During our visit to Toledo we were given a solo day during which we were supposed to explore something in the city such as the castle or the city gates on our own. I went to a place called the “Mirador” which was a place outside of the city up in a mountain, where you could have an amazing view of the entire city. I took a bus up there and I had an amazing time. Once I was up at the Mirador, I could see the whole city, the walls, the cathedral, the castle, and the river which surrounded everything. The city looked incredible from up there just like you would imagine a medieval town in Europe to look hundreds of years ago.

~ Henrique Ferreira

Views of Toledo (Photo credit: Nicola Bush)

Nicola's Dad visits for her 18th birthday! (Photo credit: Nicola Bush)

Nicola's sister visited too!

Toledo's cathedral (Photo credit: Nicola Bush)

Fun afternoon with Segovian preschoolers doing arts and crafts, teaching some songs in English, and practicing our Spanish!

This is Beltrán and he is very proud to tell everyone that él tiene tres años (He is three years old!)  Photo credit: Haley de Vries

Photo credit: Haley de Vries

Farewell for now from all of us in Segovia!
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    Wow- You guys packed it in! Great job this term! Give my best to Maria, Rosa and all the home stay families. - Brooks
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