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Tú quizas nunca vuelvas a vivir este momento de vuelta. Usarlo bien.

Maybe you will never live this moment again.  Use it well.

Photo credit: Amy Sayles

We're off to Southern Spain for a week, our final excursion of the term!

Students get homework done during train time.

We arrived in Córdoba and are enjoying a tranquil moment in the Patio de los Naranjos (the Patio of orange trees.)  The patio leads us into Córdoba's famous Mezquita, a Catholic Christian cathedral within a medieval Islamic mosque.

Stiles' image of the cathedral inside the mosque.  Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter

Córdoba's Mezquita was built in the tenth century when Córdoba was one of the most prosperous cities in Europe.

The horseshoe arch is common in Islamic architecture.

Exploring the gardens of Córdoba's Alcázar   (Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter)

Photo credit: Amy Sayles

Córdoba's Jewish quarter

In the evening April went to see an Andalusian horse show.
We are off to Granada!  (Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter)

We were driving farther into the mountains along valleys and endless green. As we started to get closer to Granada we also began to drive closer to the Sierra Nevada; a mountain range that looked like it belonged in the clouds. We arrived to Granada, ready for a walk up multiple hills and through alleys. The homes we passed made me feel like I was wandering the streets in Greece. We reached our first destination, the Mirador San Nicolás, a crowded but very lively little plaza. The best view of the city laid before us. People were selling jewelry and other people had formed circles to enjoy the company of a guitar and some voices. That such a small space has so much culture reflects on what Granada truly represents. We continued our travels up which took us through mainly Roma neighborhoods and homes and eventually landed us at a Museum of Roma caves. The caves were built along another spectacular view of the city and we arrived at the perfect time for some photos, sunset. Granada was one of my favorite cities we traveled to. The culture and energy that I felt while passing through on this day made me really enjoy my time in Southern Spain, but especially Granada.

~ Haley de Vries


Photo credit: Haley de Vries

Photo credit: Haley de Vries

Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter

The courtyard outside a mosque in Granada (Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter)

Exploring the Roma cave museum (Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter)

Graffiti/street art is everywhere in Granada.  This message now reads, "we believe in reality, because utopia seems impossible."

los gatos

Roma living in the hills of Granada today

Beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder.

Henrique tells us about Islam and its history in Spain while we sit outside the Mezquita Mayor de Granada.  This mosque, constructed in 2003, was the first Mosque to be built in Spain since 1492.  Around 1500 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella forced Muslims in Spain to convert to Christianity or leave Spain.  
We hiked up to the Alhambra to explore this incredible complex of palaces and fortifications, perhaps the single most famous tourist destination in Spain. (Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter)

Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter


Nicola presents on olive oil.  Did you know Spain is the #1 producer of olive oil in the world and 75% of that comes from Andalucía?

Nick gave his presentation on Flamenco.

And then we were off to a cave in Sacromonte to see a performance!

Nick and one of the performers!

On Sunday we said farewell to Granada and headed south.

Beautiful, sunny, warm weather

The view from our hostal balconies (Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter)

Waves and rocks at night (Photo credit: Amy Sayles)

Photo credit: Amy Sayles

Photo credit: Amy Sayles

Photo credit: Amy Sayles

On our final day in Nerja we headed into the mountains to go horseback riding.

Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter

Photo credit: Stiles Alpeter

There was another surprise waiting for us in the barn upon our arrival.  Our horseback riding instructor is caring for this abandoned mother and her three puppies.

There is nothing quite like holding a puppy.

A puppy peed on Haley....but it was worth it.

Our final meal in Nerja at María Bonita

Sunset on the Mediterranean

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