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Boys' lacrosse in Florida! Boys' lacrosse in Florida!

Spring Training Trips!

Boys' Lacrosse Journal - Spring Training 2014 

Day 1: Conor Darby '14 - Today was our first day of the Florida Lacrosse Trip. Most of the day was spent in the airport waiting for other flights to arrive and bonding with the boys. It was good to see everyone and we all eagerly anticipated our first practice to be held later that night. When we got to the hotel, we had some down time and we explored our beautiful facilities before we relaxed in our rooms, and some of us engaged in friendly beach volleyball. After that we strapped up our pads and had our first practice of the year. Everyone needed some fine tuning to get the rust out of our sticks and to get their feet moving a little bit, but overall it was a success. We ended with a small scrimmage that showed off everyone's enthusiasm to play and illustrated how we were already clicking as a team. I think I can speak for us all and say that we're definitely looking forward to what the trip has in store for us and can't wait to spend more time playing with the boys.  

Day 2: Cortland Begor '14 - I'm here reporting from sunny St. Pete Beach, Florida. The trip started off great and it seems like we have a strong team covering all aspects of the field. We rolled into our first full day hungry to get on the fields and start working the kinks out. We were able to have a very productive first practice working on offensive and defensive sets. Once we finished lunch a terrifying thunder and lightning storm rolled in and we quickly retreated to our bus and back to the hotel. While this did put a large damper on the team, it gave us some great time for rest, a chalk talk, and of course a movie. With the night session being cancelled as well, we took the time to run through plays and sets in the lobby and head to the movies. We were lucky enough to have a choice between two movies, Need for Speed and Non Stop. Non Stop undoubtedly won due to Liam Neeson's breathtaking acting and good looks. As the day came to an end we were happy to have some time of but are now more eager then ever to get back out on the field and prepare for the season.

Day 3: Jonathan Goodnow '14 - As we started the second day we were all looking forward to getting a chance to play against someone else. After a good morning practice the offense was starting to gel and the defense was starting to click as well. During the afternoon session we took on a very talented Westminster team. We looked unorganized, and it was evident that we had a lot to work on. After a hard fought half we split into offense and defense with the Westminster guys and worked on our 6 v 6 set. It was great practice for or upcoming game against hill school. Although we ended up losing to the Hill School we looked infinitely better than we did in the afternoon. There is still a lot for us to work on, we are starting to come together as a team, and hopefully we will get a win against Pomfret on Thursday night.

Day 4: Liam Howard '14 - Todays practice started out foggy and damp. After our warm up we split the field, playing six on six on both sides. The defense in zone, and the offense in a one four one formation. Since Monday both sides of the ball have improved greatly, with more communication on defense, and better ball movement on offense being the ultimate goal. The team played dodgeball, and basketball while the face off guys went to a face off clinic with another coach. After lunch we practiced fast breaks, and ended the day with some physical box lacrosse. After enjoying some much needed free time in the afternoon, we went bowling, where Aaron had the highest score of 141, Grey  won best dressed, rocking a tutu and tights, and Sam Jax taking home the sleeve monster award.     

Day 5: Joey Mitchell '15 - This week has been a fantastic experience for all the players that attended the spring training trip. Sadly, all great things have to come to an end. Today we had some really high intensity practices, everyone put forth a great effort and the improvements were very noticeable. Just like Coach Prudden said at the end of today's tilt against Pomfret, this week we came to Florida an ok team and now we are leaving a great team. Offensively and defensively we have become a well oiled machine working within our systems to succeed. Tonight we had a game against Pomfret School; it was a great game for both teams. Because of our hard work this week we won the game. The team was overjoyed and anyone that was on the roads between Eckerd college and the hotel could tell by the great sing along. We sang all the classics like Don't Stop Believing and Sweet Caroline. It has been a great week and experience and we, as a team, thank Proctor and our coaches for giving us this opportunity!

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