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Care to frolf? (That's Frisbie/golf.) Double click on this map and you're on your way! Jaeger and Joost are frolfers. They're easy to spot. Trash to Treasure refurbishes junky furniture into items of value. This year's Mural Mania transformed the east wall of the Physics room with renderings of campus vistas. Dan performs in the Community House as part of Everything Guitar. Caspian and Kyle at Horses: 4HF. If you want to play casino games, you have to get by the bouncers. Real men Quilt! African Expression. Print making. Morgan checks the sugar content of maple sap, ignoring all distractions! If you're going to have your head shaved, you might as well have some fun along the way. Heros!

Projects 2014!

The tradition of starting spring term with Project Period--a set of short, intense, small group activities--goes back forty years, to a time when Proctor virtually convulsed with creative new experiential programs. Like other contemporary initiatives (Mountain Classroom and language programs in Spain and France), Project Period has evolved significantly since 1974. Funded through tuition, today's edition is financially leaner, and projects tend to stay closer to home. The Snow & Ice group sent these images from their ascent of Mount Washington:



ittle did they know that an interloper was checking out their bus back at the Pinkham Notch parking area; (thanks to Shauna's former student Erick Eisele for sharing this!)


f the thirty-seven projects offered, three involved true outdoor adventure, including hut-to-hut skiing in northern Maine, and dogsledding (also in Maine). Closer to home, mountain bikers constructed two bridges (or are they jumps?!) over the stream draining Hopkins Pond at the east end of Proctor property.


ome years ago, we shortened Project Period to three-and-a-half days. The impact of this was both subtle and profound, as the dregree of student focus and productivity increased significantly.

Frisbee golfers fabricated and installed a five-hole course on the Ridge Trail above Leonard Field.


he Casino Royale project opened tables to other on-campus projects Thursday night....assuming you made it past the bouncers!


ll Things Guitar entertained in the Community House, which served as command central for Project Period.


 very special project organized a major event that brought hundreds of people--and New Hampshire television news--to the Fieldhouse for a St. Baldrick's event.


ozens of people, including Proctor students, townspeople, and members of local fire departments sat and had their heads shaved, raising more than $27,000 for childhood cancer research! Check out this news segment from Saturday evening's broadcast on WMUR!


 great week and great accomplishment!



And  Ethney's video!

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