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Anna in Vance's camera

EAC S'14 Week 2

I think that the highlight of this week was our Thursday’s promenade with Dave. We piled into the van with only the vaguest idea of what the day would hold.

Dave told us that we were going to a nearby town called Lambesc, but before we got out our painting supplies we were going to drop in on one of the program’s former French teachers, Danielle, who lives on the side of a beautiful mountain.

We looked up at this picturesque hill and immediately put aside or painting plans for the moment and decided to climb it.

After a slightly frightening and very entertaining bit of rough driving we hiked the rest of the way up to the top and set out our picnic blankets (which are always in the back of the van- just in case).

The view was spectacular. In one direction we could see Mt. Ste. Victoire and in the other, Marseille.

The sun was beautiful and we just enjoyed the moment, in no hurry to rush through the experience. We watched an air show team practice their routine, it was as though they were performing just for us.

We then climbed back down and painted the little hill, set against the brilliant blue sky. We got back into the van sun burnt and tired but ready for another adventure. We asked for directions from a shopkeeper in Lambesc, but somehow still ended up somewhere unexpected.

We were driving down this little dirt road and suddenly looked up and saw a castle. It took us completely by surprise but of course we had to get out and explore.

It was called Chateau de la Barben and had the most incredible gardens. We learned later that the gardens were designed by André Le Nôtre, the same man who designed the gardens at Versailles. What I realized when we got back to the house, hours after we had intended, was that neither of these adventures were planned.

Anna back home

Ben back home

It didn’t matter what our vision for the day was before we left. Here, we get to live in the moment and explore. It is these unexpected moments that give us the most memorable experiences.

Here are some final pictures of our weekend.

Painting in the same place as Cezanne in unexpected rain.

Walker being prepared.

Emi and I right before it started to pour.

Saturday night performance of a truly “performance art” production.

”Carnival” in Aix

Nathan going solo on our mountain: “Tête du Marquis”

Even in France we can enjoy an American cookout. Happy Spring everyone!
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  • Daniel Wright
    Painting in the rain in such a glorious setting seems pretty romantic to me, Emi. Hope it was the same for you. H
  • judy preston
    Brilliant, burning sun then unexpected showers giving new meaning to the medium "watercolors." Never a dull moment, always an adventure. What joy! Your second week on Euro sits well with you all.
  • Anne Getz
    Qu'est-ce un grand temps que vous tous avez. Les photos sont si belles et nous donnent une idée de votre expérience. Tu nous manques Axel et le reste de la bande!
  • Brenda Godwin
    Nice blog. Vance, send me some pictures for the Supplement and shots of your fellow seniors for the senior slideshow!!
  • Susan Houston
    Just LOVE seeing all of you! Seize the day, every day! :)
  • Mike Henriques
    The spontaneous is often the most memorable. Well done Dave and Jen. Well done to everyone for embracing the adventure. Thrilling to read about. We all wish we were there!
  • heide johnson
    It's great to see some of my past AP bio students... Enjoy some pain au chocolat for me, s'il vous plait! :-)
  • john ferris
    Great fun...good combination of photos and text. Thank you and enjoy!
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