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Floating Up The Colorado

We left Joshua tree last week and experienced our first long bus ride. Most of us were happy because we were able to listen to our music for the first time. Driving mainly through Arizona, we were able to see a new state and reached our destination after seven hours. After arriving to Willow Beach Marina, we saw the Colorado River for the first time. Many were surprised at how clear it was and excited for our canoe trip. After several days of camping at the Marina. We set out on our canoe trip with our canoes packed down with gear for three days. All of us had a great time canoeing where we were because it wasn’t too challenging and we got to learn even more about each other. After our first day of canoeing, many of us were tired but excited about canoeing more. The second day marked Mark’s birthday and was celebrated with time at the hot spring and cake to end the day. The final day was a relaxed trip down the river ending with us watching a video on two guys kayaking the Colorado.

After the exciting canoe trip in Lake Mojave, we had an eight-hour drive to Salt Lake City. Instead of setting camp in the desert or near the hot spring, we actually camped in downtown in SLC which provided us with quite different experience. We had our two days of Wilderness First Aid class in the medicine center of University of Utah. The class was really intensive since all of our group had not been in classroom for such a long time. Luckily, we all got certified after dealing with a series of hands-on scenarios.

April 12th is Vincent’s birthday. Thanks to the chaos card we drew, we were able to have an ice cream cake and go to Chinatown to have great Chinese buffet.

We all look forward to having some town time in Salt Lake City and the upcoming kayak and raft trip in San Juan River.

Buen Camino,
Vincent and Mark
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