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Proctor Ski Area Environmental Award Finalist!

Over the past three years, Proctor's commitment to environmental sustainability has been evident in upgrades to its privately owned and operated ski area. This commitment was recently recognized as Proctor was selected as one of three finalists to receive the 2014 Golden Eagle Award for Environmental Excellence. This award is granted by the National Ski Area Association and Ski Magazine to ski areas who have demonstrated significant commitment to environmental sustainability in the operation of their ski area.

Proctor’s selection as one of the top three ski areas receiving under 200,000 visitors a year is impressive and is a direct result of Proctor’s overarching commitment to its Environmental Mission Statement. This year, a switch from diesel fuel to electric powered compressors with a compressor docking station, the purchase and installation of twenty-one HKD SV10 Impulse Tower Guns, the purchase of a Turbo Cristal Fan Gun, the installation of six new GE PF400 Power Flood lights bringing the total of lighting to 20 light replacing ones that were 15 years old, a new intake pump in the river, new pump in the pump house, and new 1200 ft of new snowmaking pipe highlighted the most recent round of improvements to the ski area.

The most recent project helped Proctor further achieve its Environmental Mission by reducing Annual Energy Savings by 180,157 kwh/year. Annual compressed air usage (CF/year) went from 77,339,091 CF/year with the old system to 11,041,434 CF/year with the new system bringing our kilowatt usage from 210,161 kwh/year to 30,004 kwh/year. Being able to run an average of 23 snow guns at one time compared to an average of seven with the old system has brought the hours of snowmaking operation from 504 hours with the old system to 157 man hour with the new system. Snowmaking savings on diesel fuel has added to the economic impact of the project by saving over $43,000. The overall environmental impact of ski area improvements has been a total reduction of (180,157kwh) 126.8 metric tons (which is equal to 140 tons) of CO2, which is equivalent to the annual emissions from 26.5 passenger cars, Annual electrical consumption of 17 US homes or 295 barrels of oil.

The Proctor Ski Area has long been known as one of the finest ski racing training facilities in the Northeast, hosting racers from over thirty-three ski programs for training time this winter, including the Dartmouth College, Brown University, and Boston College ski teams. Additionally, FIS level races held at the Proctor Ski Area throughout the winter months showcased the facility to thousands of racers from all over the country. The facility is home to 3 Alpine Trails, 4 Nordic Ski Jumps and 6K of Cross Country Trails and hosts various Nordic jump meets, Nordic meets, FIS/USSA races and many Prep and Public School Races.

The winner of the Golden Eagle competition will be announced May 1 at the NSAA conference.
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