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Selfies, Solos, Surprises and Sore Losers

Hellllloooo all! After leaving Bluff and arriving in Santa Fe we had our highly anticipated adjunct visit from Uncle Chris (Farrell). He treated us to dinner and a movie and his marvelous humor. We were blessed with the arrival of snow during our time in New Mexico, which was very exciting and made it feel a little bit like New England. We also had the chance to have some library time to work on our culminating projects. Aside from that, Crescent and Pete had a relaxing weekend and we all cried many tears when Chris had to leave us.

Following Chris’ departure we headed back to Bluff to stay in the campsite for the fourth time to prep for our solos. Solo prep included personal food shopping and having a ceremony to properly immerse ourselves into our solos. Everyone was excited to start on our four day, three night expedition by ourselves. Our solos took place in the Valley of the Gods, Utah. We were all separated by at least 1/4 of a mile and were placed in spots that were suited to everyone. Some people brought books while others decided to meditate and have time to simply sit and think. Everyone enjoyed their time alone to relax and be on their own schedules. We were stuffed with bagels and pepperoni.

Each student was asked to take a selfie while on their solo to add to this blog to truly show their true character while alone - some mad deuces were chucked with the classic duck face right in line. We also all enjoyed some time sun bathing and getting caked with dirt. After what seemed to be a while for some and a breeze for the rest, we all gathered our belongings and said goodbye to our washes that had acted as our homes for the past four days.

Crescent and Pete came from wash to wash greeting and picking us up silently. We stayed silent until once reconnected with the entire group and after forgetting the bell that was supposed to break the silence, Crescent spoke first and did it for us. Smiles and laughter filled the bus, as well as endless stories of the events that took place during everybody’s days alone. We headed to a restaurant close by, still grimy but happy to be together again.

Our next stop was Ridgeway, Colorado. While at Ridgeway we finally got the chance to shower and prepare for the Expedition Olympics. People spent the night with their partners preparing their team outfits and theme songs. On the morning of the games each duo presented their style, knowledge and cooking skills. After four events that pushed each group to show their best expedition skills and top chef master pieces, Mark and Sam came out on top over all.

Although we came in dead last in EVERY SINGLE EVENT, we still had all the confidence and swag we needed at the end of the night. Competition was fierce but...we came out on bottom. Now we are safely in Boulder, Colorado preparing for the best fracking experience of our lives. We are so excited for a four hour tour with Shane Davis, ‘the fracking guru.’ Our mouths are watering just thinking about all the facts we’re going to learn tomorrow, and our brains are filled to the brim with questions for Shane! 

Hope you’ve all been having a wonderful spring, see you soon!!!

XOXO, West side selfies queens. #SGOD #mountain #livin’ #grimy #noshowers #wutang #buencamino #fracking #wheredoyougetoff #goml #Fallonforpresident #Greerforjanitor #youlostthegame BYEEE LOL JK TTYL BRB GTG ILYSM BUT FURRR REAL bye love always, Greer Brodie-Hall and Fallon Adair.
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