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Academic Lens: Profile of a Graduate

Over the past year, Proctor’s faculty have crafted a Profile of a Proctor Graduate that reads, “Proctor graduates are collaborative, ethical individuals, ready to contribute productively to their communities. Our diverse programs and experiential approach to education develop creative, resilient, and knowledgeable problem solvers who take responsibility for their own learning.”

While a singular statement attempts to summarize the qualities of our graduates, we acknowledge our efforts fall short of truly capturing the unique abilities and contributions of each Proctor alum. In less than three weeks, 96 more graduates will commence their journeys to a list of college, universities, and gap year programs as diverse as they are. Our hope is that we have helped form a foundation for them; a foundation that will propel them to take healthy risks and to truly engage with their world as they move beyond Proctor.

When crafting the Profile of a Proctor Graduate statement, alums like Ilyena Kozain ‘10 (Union College ‘14) came to mind. Her path through Proctor and Union College prepared her for her next adventure: spending the next nine months in southern Uganda teaching and studying global health care at the Engeye Health Clinic. Growing up in a family that valued travel, Ilyena (above) studied off-campus during her time at Proctor, and believes deeply in the model of experiential learning. She reflects in this comprehensive article by Union College, “Traveling, and being uncomfortable in your travel, is a very fundamental way to learn about who you are, who you are in stressful situations. and how you perceive your society."

Ilyena has put her beliefs into action by studying in Italy and Argentina while also serving as a three-year team captain of the crew team during her time at Union. Take time to read her whole story, and watch the short video below to better understand the foundation our programs seek to instill in our graduates. 

Are You Experienced

Ilyena’s story is a great one, but perhaps even more impressive is how many of these stories are out there waiting to be told. At an open house in honor of George Emeny Sunday afternoon, a number of alums came to share special memories with George’s family. As these alums reconnected with current faculty, many of their stories mirrored Ilyena’s: full of life, adventure, and possessing a deeply rooted passion to make an impact on the world around them. They are young men and women who are living out the ideals we tried to capture in our profile statement, each in a unique way.
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