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A Rose for a Book, A Book for a Rose

We arrive in Barcelona in the midst of an important holiday.

Día de San Jorge (Diada de Sant Jordi in Catalan) is like a Catalan Valentine's Day except men are given books and women roses.

Streets are covered with flower and book vendors

And Catalan pride is ubiquitous

People give roses to friends, family, and significant others

A holiday all about flowers and books - what a wonderful concept!

La Sagrada Familia on our second day in Barcelona (Photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

Construction continues.  It is predicted that the church will be completed in about a decade. (Photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

Incredible stained glass windows (Photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

(Photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

Off to see Antoni Gaudí's Parque Güell

Mosaic benches

Faith, Barcelona, and Catalan pride



Day 2 solo adventures, students navigate the Barcelona metro

Patrick rents a bike to explore. (Photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

Listening as the flags flap against the wind, waving in the sky, I hear the faint sounds of the amusement park in front of me, with the feeling of religious presence right behind me. Sitting on grand stairs leading up to the lower church, I observe the city as it lays before me. Off in the distance I could see the crisp blue ocean and behind me stood the glorious church. Behind the church were mountains and small towns.

~ Patrick Bauer Blank

Temple de Sagrat Cor on Mount Tibidabo (Photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

(Photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

Patrick sees a group advocating for animal rights.  (Photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

Patrick's fierce Catalan pride

Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona

City beach

Before coming to Barcelona I knew very little about Picasso's artwork.  I knew of his famous cubism but was unsure of the inspiration.  I waited for a long time in line to visit Barcelona's Picasso museum.  There were two Americans ahead of me, French people behind me, and Spaniards behind them.  There is vast diversity among Barcelona's visitors.  I got into the museum for free and wondered whether I would visit the temporary exhibit first but decided to look at Picasso's first works.  I was surprised by what I found: realist-esque portraits and landscapes.  Next I saw charcoals, which made me so happy to see him perform in my favorite medium. It motivated me to search for an art store here in Spain to continue drawing charcoal while I'm still influenced by this culture.  It is wonderful to see how Picasso's works were influenced by different regions such as Africa, Spain, and France.  I wish to be able to travel and draw and journal everywhere I am to see how my drawings change in every country I visit.

~ Faith Kenyon

We explore a temporary outdoor photography exhibit of some of EFE's (a Spanish international news agency) most famous photos related to Spain and Cataluña.  This photo captures the infamous meeting between Hitler and Franco in Hendaye, France in 1940.

The Beatles come to Barcelona in 1965.

In 2013 1.6 million Catalans joined hands symbolizing their wish for Catalonia to separate from Spain.

Catalan feast

We depart Barcelona and head north along the coast.  We stop for a seaside picnic.


And lounging

We enjoy the wild flowers

And the Greek and Roman ruins in Empúries (photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

Mikaela and Ryan captured taking a selfie?! (photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

The road north with gorgeous views of the Pyrenees

About to cross the border

Bleu, blanc et rouge (photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

Bonjour Carcassonne (photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

(photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)

Tristan prepares yet another extraordinary meal

Shopping in a French grocery store is challenging but well worth the effort!  Tristan now knows how to say celery and rosemary in French!

Café au lait, jus d'orange, du pain avec de la confiture...our breakfast in a French cafe

Gazing out the window on the train ride back

¡Hasta pronto! (Photo credit: Patrick Bauer-Blank)
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