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One of my many heroes is Ian Wood. He explained to me what he is doing here...separating electrons through some salt....or something...but it doesn't matter to me. Ian is a hero. Don't get sassy with me, Elemy..... Miles multitasks. It's not finished, but after six months of work, it's launched for a test....and.... It floats! (And doesn't leak.) Wonder what a cow's eye tastes like? Doubtful we'll know... Hey, Chuck.....

Those Who Care

Today, Seth Godin observes that technology brings a leveling of the playing field, as the qualitative difference between less expensive and more expensive products decreases. (I used to shoot photographs for this site with a $1900 Nikon D100 equipped with an $890 lens; today I shoot superior images with a $300 Coolpix P-510.) 



The difference between the cheap and the expensive is increasingly less, and there is more good stuff than ever. Yet he notes, "...for those who care, the difference matters more than ever. For those who care, the premium available to be paid for a better camera, wine or computer is actually far greater than it ever was before." 


That truth transcends to another highly expensive commodity, independent education. This is an industry in which those who care mean everything....parents who sacrifice to pay tuition, teachers who work for a lifestyle--perhaps--rather than aggressive financial advancement; benfactors whose motivations are strong and varied, and students who strive for the best because they have the opportunity.






ere's a picturs of three guys with their hands in their mouths.


ll it took was getting elected Assistant School Leader...


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