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Mountain Classroom: Sailing Westward

After our individual journeys with solos every orifice was filled with sand. Soon after we traveled to Boulder, Colorado. There we spent much of our time studying and exploring the city. We also went on a fracking tour with Shane Davis, where we learned the true horrors that fracking companies have bestowed upon the agriculture, the people, and our water.

The day after we journeyed over to Mark’s house in South Dakota. There we enjoyed the luscious, lip-smacking Native American dishes, like fried bread, deer (which the great hunter, Mark White Hat slayed with his mighty bow and arrow), and buffalo. We also had the pleasure of being a part of the beautiful Native American ritual -- the sweat lodge. Mark’s home was a very beautiful and spiritual place.

After finally getting all of the sand out of every pore of our body through sweating in sweat lodges and showering (in showers) we started our long two day journey to Holland, Michigan. On our way there we saw everything from grass filled plains to more grass filled plains. We stopped only for gas and lunch. The first night we spent the night at a lovely local KOA in Wisconsin.

The next day we spent eight more hours on the road and came to an end soon after we had to part with Crescent. As a parting gift, Crescent bestowed upon us the gift of a luscious, mouth watering, finger-licking lunch (Subway). We then continued to drive until our trailer axle blew out. We then waited for a couple of hours for it to be towed away. We then continued our adventure as if nothing had happened. Once we arrived we spent many days at Pete’s summer home, working on our Final Culminating Projects. We then got to present our projects in front of our peers, and the seniors are now officially done with high school, and juniors are now officially seniors! We now prepare to leave early tomorrow mornin’ back to New Hampshire to fulfill our final expedition in the White Mountains.

We are all sad that this beautiful journey is coming to an end, but we are excited to the familiar faces of our friends, family, and pets!!!!!!

“We ride together, we die together, Mountain Classroom for lyfe!” KAT(hleen) and ALEX(ander)
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