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Skid Row is the seedy site for Mushnick's Flower Shop. A wealthy gentleman (Bowen Brinegar) spending $100 for roses notices the odd plant and spreads the word. Seymour professes his love for Audrey. Audrey is conflicted despite being the victim of abuse by Orin. Max is simply outrageous as the gas-sniffing hipster, Orin. . Don't miss this show!

Little Shop of Horrors!

A failing flower shop operated by the cranky Mr. Mushnik (Morgan Rosengarten) and his hapless, naive young employee Seymour (Dan Reeves) on Skid Row is the setting for the hilarious rock horror musical playing tonight and Saturday at 7:00 PM in the Norris Family Theater. 


eymour, who pines for the affection of Audrey (Stefany Schechter), brings a mysterious plant (think of a large Venus fly-trap) to the shop and discovers that it is ravenous for human blood and flesh.



he plant (he names Audrey II) brings fame to Seymour and business to Mushnik, who adopts the naive lad as a son.


Business is booming at Mushnik's Flower Shop!


Sating the appetite of this talking, demanding plant creates Seymour's ethical dilemma. What (or who) to feed the monster?! One candidate is Audrey's outrageous boyfriend Orin (Max Barrett), a sadistic, abusive dentist who's addicted to nitrous oxide!



he laughs come fast and furious in this show, and the music is '60s rock 'n roll, doo-wop and early Motown ably supported by a chorus of teeny-boppers.




he surprise ending is over-the-top.


eats are by reservation, and you don't want to miss out on this laugh-out-loud triumph by Proctor theater under the direction of Michael Littman. Email or call 735-6870 for tickets.
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  • Rich Tilton
    A fantastic show! Congratulations to everyone involved. The set was amazing, the music was great, and the actors rocked! We loved it! Thanks.
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