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Enjoy a window into the Proctor community provided through news stories, blog posts, video, assembly podcasts, and images of day-to-day life on and off-campus.
A sense of place. A powerful tool for institutional branding. Let's go exploring! Teenagers allowed to be teenagers. . . Picture perfect. . Where would we be without skateboards? . Peace.

All Good Things

For years, I’ve been claiming that the lack of shelf life is the key to a blog post’s authenticity. Now I have to write a post that has a very long shelf life, because it is the last. 

Chuck’s Corner is finishing with considerable buzz in the independent school/communications industries. I want to thank inbound marketing guru Brendan Schneider for his recent podcast interview of me on his esteemed blog, SchneiderB. And I thank Jay Goulart, who--along with Travis Warren '91 at Whipplehill--was instrumental to launching this crazy thing 15 years ago, for his tribute on his NewSci blog.
This site has accomplished several things over the years. For the parents of students from hundreds or thousands of miles away, it provided a window into current conditions…. a sense of place.



 blog like this is unrivaled for branding a school, as everyday happenings are presented to illuminate great truths about Proctor's style, methodologies and approaches to teaching and learning.


Chuck's Corner also entertained people with highly diverse relations to the school with insights into life with positive adolescents.



his--conveying the special, non-adversarial ethos and spirit of the community--has been my great joy.





Transparency is a risk for schools. It’s safer to control messaging and stick to tried-and-true themes of “academic excellence” and “close faculty-student relationships.” I am grateful to this school--leadership, faculty and students--for the willingness to be authentic!



I was interviewed by CASE Currents magazine Senior Editor Theresa Walker the other day, and she finished by asking, “How would you like to be remembered?” I had never considered this, but I’ll stick with my response: I’d like to be remembered as someone who was grateful for the opportunity to work with great kids, and grateful to Proctor Academy for allowing teenagers to be teenagers, and not wish that they were something else.




It truly has been real!
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  • Courtney Haindel
    Please subscribe me
  • Fran Blair
    Who has replaced Chuck? Tom E was a great guy. Would have attended his service had I been in the area.
  • winky lewis
    i'm cautiously doing my first look online at proctor. i have an 8th grade son and i've always thought that if he did go away to school we would have to look at proctor, based on what i know of the school from our dear friend, sum new rulon miller. then i just read your tribute to him which brought a tear to my eye. still hard to believe he was here. and so wish he were here to discuss high school with me! i really can't imagine sending my boy away, but i do want him to be at a school that is best for him, so we may have to pay you a visit....if we do, i am going to find you to say hello!
  • Rob Crawford
    Chuck -- Chuck's Corner has been one of your life's masterpieces. You made God proud! -- Robbolator
  • Thomas Canfield
    No me digas que esto es el ultimo vida te da sobresas. Saludos mi amigo.
  • greg samaha
    15 years of "AWESOMENESS!!!!!" I trust that in your next chapter in life you will also find great joy.
  • Alex Estin
    Proctor will not be the same without you and Sarah!! You have both done so much for so many, especially for me!! I love you both so much!!!!
  • Alan H
    Congratulations! Live long and prosper.
  • Jay Goulart
    Chuck, Congratulations!! This blog is also a beacon for new skill sets required to lead in todays market. Because of social media employees now build audiences. Proctor is being handed an audience of almost 80,000 readers. What will they do? When did they start the transition process? This will be yet another lesson learned via the corner. All the best my friend!.
  • Margaret Sondey
    While living in Mexico, your posts in Chuck's Corner were what kept us close to our son. I enjoyed each and every post during those years and even though Jake will be a senior in college this fall, I still would check in once in a while just to see what was happening at Proctor. Chuck, thank you for all of your hard work through the years. You were (and are) appreciated.
  • Jeremy Carter
    Thanks for providing us all with a window back into life at Proctor!
  • Travis Warren
    Well done Chuck! It's been a great ride.
  • Emily Vaughan
    Chuck and Sara, will miss seeing you on the Proctor sight but look forward to seeing your next chapter on FB! You both have many more adventures for sure!Thanks for all you have done for Proctor and the kids!
  • Ryan Bowse
    As an alumni It is not the facilities, sporting venues, quality of the classrooms which I remember and/or cherish about Proctor. Rather it is the people and relationships you develop while at PA. From the moment you interviewed me in admissions I knew Proctor was the place for me. Thank you for living, breathing and keeping the Proctor ethos alive. The community was lucky to have you and the Will family as part of it.
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