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Feeling Independent

Annual 4th of July posts on Chuck’s Corner encapsulated what makes this small New England village so special. Thousands of visitors flock to Proctor’s campus in the center of the village and Proctor is thankful to play a prominent role in the day’s festivities. Unfortunately this year, the parade and flea market on the town green were rained out, but you can still check out full coverage of Andover 4th of July in our town’s hyper local newspaper, The Andover Beacon.

Andover’s 4th of July celebration feels as though it has been frozen in time; largely unchanged over the past sixty years as a tiny town celebrates America’s independence. We New Hampshirites are fiercely independent, taking to heart our motto “Live Free or Die”. Proctor, as a school, follows suit and remains a community independent of external pressures to be something different than we are. Our students are given freedoms that some schools would suppress. We do not have a formal dress code. Our students and teachers interact on a first name basis. But most importantly, we are who we are and do not pretend to be someone we are not. Our ability to communicate authenticity through blog posts like this is a unique privilege some schools may not grant its community. Get excited for more blogging voices as the 2014-2015 school year approaches! 

The simple fact is we believe wholeheartedly in who we are and our experiential approach to education. This centering around our mission allows us to be genuine in our communication with prospective and current families. We acknowledge Proctor is a significant investment for families. Shouldn’t they know exactly what they are investing in; the good, the bad, the ugly? Here are what our students have to say about their first year at Proctor and how their expectations have been met.

Just as we are thankful for all those who came before us to fight for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans today, we are thankful to Chuck who paved the way for independence in the communication world at Proctor. Happy Independence Day to all those in the Proctor family!
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