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Hornet Hockey

John Schoeller, a long-time educator and mentor of others here, used to say that everyone on the team should have the chance to play when it mattered….when the outcome of the game was still to be determined. He taught us that ‘token time’ doesn't help a player, or a team, get better. We agree with that, and today we rolled 4 lines that included 8 first-year skaters. They worked hard to execute what they have been learning, and created some opportunities in the attacking end. Good stuff. Game puck today goes to Hannah who came up with some big saves throughout the game. One of the hockey vocab words we learned last week was ‘stoned.’ Included in Hannah’s 27 saves were the three times she stoned Wildcats on breakaways.
Throughout the world of math and science a dramatic increase in a variable is graphically represented on charts as a sharply upward-curving line known as the… ‘hockey stick!’ We believe this term originated with the steep learning curve seen everywhere in JV girls hockey. We know we are quickly improving, and today we were also impressed with Vermont’s team. We had seen them just a few weeks ago in December, but in that time they have improved their skills and today they played with great intensity. We especially noticed their passing, and were challenged by their net front presence. Rapid, week-to-week improvement is what we see at our level. The post-game handshake is usually a celebration of that joint development.
One of the small posters on our bulletin board says, “It’s not about you. It’s about us.” We believe a player’s job is to work hard to get better and to help her teammates get better. We expect selfless dedication to team. Consistent with that is the ‘healthy scratch.’ Today we had 5 healthy, more-experienced players sitting out to give others a chance to play. But in our system these scratched players have an important role, especially at away games. Their job is noise. Their job is to inject energy into the players with raucous enthusiasm. Today’s crew, including Nadia, Grace, Lexie and Sarah, set a new standard. Nice job, ladies! It made a difference.
Next week the Hornets travel to Berwick and Kimball Union. We expect more hockey sticking.
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