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Proctor at SPS Sprints: Girls Ski Hard, Boys Earn 2nd Place

From Head Coach Buz:

Skiers and Parents:
We had a great today at the Sprint Races.  Most impressive was the maturity, calm, organization, preparation and all out gutsy performance of our skiers.  We cannot point to one skier who had a bad day because of a silly mistake, negligence, bad attitude, or making excuses.  Just the opposite: we had a can-do spirit, roll with the punches attitude, and an impressively committed warm-up routine (which is not easy in a 3 stage day), and sharp, give-it-all performances.  That made it an unbelievably successful and rewarding day.  Every single skier should be proud - we coaches are proud of you all.  And it is so much fun to be able to honestly say that!!
As a result of today's race, (after 3 races total)  the boys' team now leads the league standings with 3 points, followed by Holderness with 4, SPS and Belmont each with 5, and Dublin with 6.  That lead could flip quickly, and we cannot drop any future scores.  But we are in the hunt!  The boys are a cohesive group, and are committing to focusing on their health, rest and recovery, and making it a priority to do their very best over the next three weeks and three races which will determine the league championships.  We are only half way there, and we will need to improve to hold this lead. The competition for 1st has never been tighter; any of the teams listed above could win the season.  
Parents: thanks for supporting your skiers in this demanding season.  Thanks also to those who have contributed to our snack fund; we went out for some high quality food after the race in Concord!
Congratulations to everyone for strong efforts!

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