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Off-Campus Experience

Proctor Academy's Off-Campus Programs: transformative experiential learning, fostering independence and self-awareness.

Proctor’s Off-Campus Programs

Proximate learning does not occur without risk, but it is in those moments where students are living their education alongside the issues they are studying that worldviews and lives are transformed. Each year, roughly a third of Proctor's student body studies abroad on one of Proctor’s five, term-long off-campus programs, with more than 75% of all Proctor students choosing to study abroad during their Proctor years. 

At Proctor, faculty believe deeply in the value of learning as a process, not a specific outcome. Proctor’s model of academic rigor mixed with academic support results directly in a school culture that frames challenges in a way that encourages perseverance and provides opportunity for healthy struggle. There is no better place to authentically encounter this type of learning than through a study abroad experience where independence, self-advocacy, and self-awareness become primary tools for each student. Fully funded by boarding tuition and operated entirely by Proctor faculty members, our five term-long off-campus programs have shaped nearly every student's Proctor experience over the past five decades. 

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Ocean Classroom

Spend nine weeks learning to sail aboard a historic tall-ship, while voyaging from Boston to South Carolina. 

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Mountain Classroom

Explore learn about the history, science, and culture of the American Southwest through backpacking, adventuring, and getting proximate to learning. 

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European Art Classroom

Immerse yourself in European culture in a mini-Proctor artist colony in Aix en Provence, France while studying art history, painting, and exploring. 

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Proctor En Segovia

Live with a host family while immersing yourself in Spanish culture at Proctor’s campus in Segovia, Spain. 

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Proctor En Monteverde

Dive into life in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica while living with a host family and continuing your sophomore academic courses. 

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Additional Off-Campus Experiences

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