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Since 1972, Mountain Classroom has stood as a cornerstone of Proctor Academy's commitment to experiential learning. During the winter and spring terms, ten students and two experienced instructors embark on a ten week exploration of the American West, gaining first-hand experience from local activists and guest speakers. 

Combining outdoor education and academic inquiry, Mountain Classroom students examine the complex and intricate connections between nature and culture, while providing students the opportunity to learn through applied and integrated education. Through place-based history, literature, and science curriculum, students engage directly with the content they are learning, all while developing outdoor skills ranging from rock climbing, boating, backcountry trekking, and camp craft skills. Mountain Classroom is one of the most rigorous and rewarding educational experiences afforded to Proctor students. 

There is no way to truly encapsulate Mountain Classroom. How can I? There are no words to describe how close our little group became: the tears that were shared, the jokes traded back and forth, and the comfort of knowing you have people to depend on. - Chloe

Courses and credits

Students enrolled in Mountain Classroom receive the following course credits: 

  • Ecological Literature and Writing (English Credit)
  • Western American Issues (Social Science Credit)
  • Nature and Culture (Science Credit)
  • Expedition Skills
  • Group Dynamics

Contact Info:

To learn more about Mountain Classroom, contact Mountain Classroom Director Patty Pond