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Each fall since 1994, 22 Proctor students have boarded a tallship and sailed from Maine to Caribbean waters. On Ocean Classroom, you are not just a passenger studying marine science, maritime literature, history and navigation, but an active crew member. From the first moment you board the vessel, you are divided into “watches”, the core working group on any ocean-going vessel, answering directly to their professional watch officers. Twenty-four hours a day, watches rotate, learning to operate all aspects of the schooner, and eventually independently sailing the 135 foot ship. 

After nine weeks studying and working with professional educators and crew aboard the schooner SSV Corwith Cramer alongside our partner organization Sea Education Association (SEA), students are transformed learners, marine biologists, navigators, and experienced sailors. Ocean Classroom has the potential to be one of the most powerful experiences that a Proctor student can have. Are you ready?

Ocean Classroom

Proctor Academy Ocean Classroom: Hands-on maritime education; students become skilled sailors, scientists & learners

Last night on bow lookout, I was fortunate enough to witness a pod of whales on our starboard side. As if this wasn’t mesmerizing enough, we were greeted earlier today by several porpoises as we sailed north. As we began to see the lights of Rockland in the distance, we gathered in the center of the deck singing classics as Holly strummed softly on the ukulele. Although a polaroid was taken, I don’t believe a photo could ever fully capture the emotion of this moment. - River ‘22 

Meet the Instructors

Proctor's Ocean Classroom instructors are experienced nautical educators who have sailed the world and worked on educational vessels. They possess a wealth of education and field experience, and pour their passion and talent into Proctor’s students each term at sea.  Learn more about the educators at our partner organization Sea Education Foundation HERE

Courses and credits

Students enrolled in Ocean Classroom receive the following course credits: 
  • Marine Science (Science)
  • Maritime Literature (English)
  • Maritime History (Social Science)
  • Navigation and Applied Mathematics (Math)
  • Seamanship Skills


Contact Info

To learn more about Ocean Classroom, contact Ocean Classroom Co-Directors John Bouton and Heidi Thoma

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