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Since 1972, Proctor students have had the opportunity to live alongside a Spanish host family while studying Spanish language, literature and history in the ancient Roman city of Segovia, Spain. Rather than experiencing Spain through the transitory lens of a tourist, Proctor en Segovia students live with host families, immersed in the language and culture. 

The nine week abroad experience affords a complete language and cultural immersion, as Proctor’s teaching faculty in Segovia combine classroom instruction with weekly excursions, both locally and throughout Spain's diverse regions, in order to craft a uniquely challenging, and equally rewarding experience for ten students each trimester. They navigate Segovia’s winding streets to Proctor’s classrooms on the Plaza Mayor and take local buses to their afternoon activities. Students take classes taught by Proctor faculty on Spanish history and culture, creative nonfiction writing, and the Spanish language. 

Proctor en Segovia

Proctor Academy students live with Spanish host families, immersed in language, history, and culture in Segovia, Spain.


Courses and Credits

While studying in Segovia, students earn the following academic credits: 

  • Spanish Language (3 Language Credits = 1 Full Year)
  • History of Spain (Social Science)
  • Literature (English)
  • Home-stay and traveling Skill Credit
  • Physical Education, Theater, and Art activities

Contact Info

To learn more about Proctor en Segovia, contact program director Karine Dumont

Proctor en Segovia: Celebrating San Frutos Like a Local

Marking the changing seasons and celebrating as a community is a timeless tradition, often carried out through communal festivals. For students participating in Proctor's off-campus program in Segovia, Spain, these festivals offer a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Castilian language and local culture. One such event is the celebration of the patron saint, San Frutos, which takes place on October 25th in Segovia.

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