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Project Period

Proctor Academy immersive Project Period: Faculty-led small groups engage in diverse themed experiences, fostering passion and skill growth.

Proctor’s four day, immersive small group program called Project Period kicks off the Spring Trimester each year. Faculty bring the same richness present in their academic curriculum into their sponsored projects. With nearly 40 different offerings each spring, faculty immerse themselves alongside a small group of students (six students to each faculty sponsor) in a shared experience. Each of these experiences is rooted in a faculty member’s passion. 

Both the location and type of projects range from winter mountaineering in the White Mountains or dog sledding in Northern Maine, to interning at the local elementary/middle school or utilizing art studios right here on campus. Each project seeks to expose students to at least one of four main themes: community service, wilderness exploration, cultural immersion, or a new skill. 

Contact Info 

For more information on Proctor’s Project Period, contact coordinate Starr Fair