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Senior Project

Proctor Academy immersive Project Period: Faculty-led small groups engage in diverse themed experiences, fostering passion and skill growth.

Starting with Wilderness Orientation, students are immersed in a hands-on, experiential learning adventure that includes on-campus courses, off-campus programs, Project Period, and a myriad of skills courses. Senior Project provides a culminating three and a half week immersive learning opportunity for all seniors to design their own learning experience centered around their passions or areas of interest.
Senior Projects take many forms, ranging from interning at professional offices, building trail systems on-campus, producing documentaries, recording an album in the recording studio, or engaging in a writing or artistic pursuit. In order to successfully complete Senior Project, students must apply time management, project planning, and self-advocacy skills as they brainstorm, plan, collaborate, network, and implement their proposed projects. While seniors showcase their final projects during a Senior Project Open House upon their return to campus, the benefits of Senior Project come as much through the process as the final product.

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Proctor Senior Project