Off Campus
70% of Proctor students take part in term-long off-campus programs in Spain, France, Costa Rica, the American Southwest, and aboard a 131-foot schooner in the Atlantic Ocean. Explore these programs to better understand the power of experiential learning at Proctor.

Proctor en Segovia, Spain

Since 1974, Proctor students have had the opportunity to live with a Spanish host family while studying Spanish language, literature and history in the ancient Roman city of Segovia, Spain for a nine week term. Through complete language and cultural immersion, Proctor’s teaching faculty in Segovia combine classroom instruction with weekly excursions, both locally and throughout Spain's diverse regions, in order to craft a uniquely challenging, and equally rewarding experience for ten students each term.
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Courses and Credits

While studying in Segovia, students earn the following academic credits:
  • Spanish Language (3 Language Credits = 1 Full Year)
  • History of Spain (Social Science)
  • Literature (English)
  • Home-stay and traveling Skill Credit
  • Physical Education, Theater, and Art activities

Contact the Director

To learn more about Proctor en Segovia, please email our Director, Ross Young.


Like every abroad program I have been a part of at Proctor, I was left with a sense of longing at the end. I thought two months in Spain would feel like a lifetime, but it has flown by and I would do anything for just a bit more time. I have met some people I never thought I would call friends, been put out of my comfort zone a number of times and even learned a little bit more about myself. This trip was nothing like I expected but everything I needed.
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