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Proctor Academic Concentrations Program

Academic Concentrations lie at the intersection of intellectual curiosity and academic rigor. By empowering self-directed students to design an individualized program of coursework, experiential learning beyond campus, and a culminating capstone, Concentrations assist intellectual development on a sophisticated level. Each of the five Concentrations aligns with intentional interdisciplinary guidelines that students tailor to create individualized academic and experiential plans. 
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  • Environmental Studies | Est. 2015

    Building on Proctor’s longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship, the Environmental Studies Concentration links Proctor’s extensive academic and extracurricular environmental offerings with student-driven goals. 
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  • Global Citizenship | Est. 2016

    The Global Citizenship Concentration allows students intrigued by global issues, world languages, and cultural exploration to investigate beyond the traditional bounds of a single class or course of study and generate a unique academic and world view. 
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  • Creative Studies | Est. 2018

    With an emphasis on creative arts, a Creative Studies concentration provides the venue for students to illustrate self-expression and the artistic process throughout their coursework, extracurricular, and community service activities. 
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  • Social Justice | Est. 2019

    In the Social Justice Concentration students develop an acute understanding of the forces and causes which form the roots of social problems as well as their sense of humility and compassion.
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  • STEM | Est. 2019

    Students leverage Proctor’s technology lab, experiential programs, and broad offerings in science and math curriculum when they participate in the STEM concentration to put their spin on the Proctor experience.
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I investigated causes for the depopulation of lobsters off of Long Island Sound. It took me on a journey through climate change, pesticides, and meeting people in the Lobstering community. I presented my research through a film that I created with footage from my experience and the people I met along the way. - Rob '19

General Structure

1. Academic Coursework
2. Experiential Work and Service 
3. Independent Project 
4. Capstone

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General Questions: Tom Morgan
Academic Credit Questions: Morgan Wilson
Capstone Research & Project Questions: Heidi Thoma
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