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Environmental Studies Concentration Overview

Proctor Academy’s Environmental Studies Concentration is a unique, interdisciplinary program designed for students passionate about ecological studies and environmental issues. Building on Proctor’s longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship, the Environmental Studies Concentration links, for the first time, Proctor’s extensive academic, off-campus, and extracurricular environmental offerings in order to give students the knowledge, skills, and worldview needed to confront the great social and environmental issues of our time.

Climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, urban sprawl, and other environmental problems require complex, interdisciplinary, and ecologically-sensitive global responses. Solving problems like these requires a creative, unifying intelligence, not a mind prone to thinking in boxes. To this end, students enrolled in Proctor’s Environmental Studies Concentration will be asked to complete a demonstration of ecological literacy and a capstone project designed to integrate the lessons they have learned while completing the concentration requirements. Students who complete the requirements for the concentration will be recognized at graduation and receive a certificate of completion.

Frances' '15 Capstone Project

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For questions about Proctor's Environmental Studies Concentration, please email Tom Morgan at tom@proctoracademy.org or call (603) 735-6628.
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