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Why Do We Read?

 At Proctor, we believe in the value of immersing ourselves in the written word as we expand worldviews, reflect on our own life, and immerse ourselves in new worlds that speak vividly to our shared experiences and, as a result, illuminate our shared humanity. Proctor's Summer Literacy Program asks students to use those idyllic days of June, July, and August to complete the three steps below.

Summer Literacy Program 2021

Step 1: Reading and Journaling (Student Summer Responsibility)
Into the Streets & complete 10 journal entries. This accessible book takes an historical look at protest in what is now the United States. Covering use of force as well as silent protests of indigenous people, liberty trees, flags and pamphlets of the revolutionary period, we follow the activism trajectory through veterans of WW1, labor movements, civil rights, gender equality, LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter.  It discusses the Tea Party of revolutionary times as well as its more modern association.
While exploring these historical perspectives on protest, the intent is to consider and journal about individual voice and ways to peacefully advocate for a cause. Consider these ideas while completing 10 Journal Entries:
  1. rally vs. protest
  2. arts as activism
  3. peaceful protests
  4. slogans
  5. visual logos
  6. media use/journalism
  7. persuasive speeches
  8. engaging/enlisting others
  9. celebrity activism (actors, athletes, musicians)
  10. causes that inspire you or others you admire
Learn more by using these resources which delve into general activism as well as specific causes.
Step 2: Engage (on-campus in the Fall)
Engage the Proctor Community! On campus this fall, advisories will Rally for a campus cause. Examples Here. Advisories will select from a list of community causes and join a group according to the chosen preferences. Groups will be given time and materials on campus to create slogans, logos, flags, a flash mob, playlists...the possibilities are endless. Groups will gather at a community rally, utilize their creative materials and select a student representative who will deliver a 3-minute speech to increase awareness of the cause.
Step 3: Reflection (on-campus in the fall)
In the fall, students will share journal entries and ideas for a persuasive speech in your English class. Assignments will vary depending on the class. Maybe you will write a reflection on the campus rally. Perhaps write a persuasive essay to align with a cause.  

AP and Off-Campus Notes:
While required of all students, everyone in the Proctor Community is invited to mobilize around issues that concern us personally and impact the broader community.  

Students enrolled in Off -Campus programs for Fall 2021 will participate in this reading and journaling as well as the activity assigned by their specific Fall Program Directors.  

AP students will participate in Community Wide Summer Literacy Read/Journal/Rally as well as their AP assignments. AP specific assignments can be found HERE

Summer Literacy Coordinator

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    English Department Chair
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