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Why Do We Read?

 At Proctor, we believe in the value of immersing ourselves in the written word as we expand worldviews, reflect on our own life, and immerse ourselves in new worlds that speak vividly to our shared experiences and, as a result, illuminate our shared humanity. Proctor's Summer Literacy Program asks students to use those idyllic days of June, July, and August to complete the three steps below.


Step 1: Reading Response

Select and read a book from this list covering various facets of personal identity. 

Complete the Reading Response 
  1. Think about one or two characters from your chosen reading.  Create a list of identity characteristics you know about the characters and also question what you don’t know. Why do you think the writer chose to share certain characteristics but not others? Use the Iceberg Activity found here with the journaling prompts for help. 
  2. Pick one character and write a few thoughts about an aspect of their identity that is not revealed in the book (you make this part up!).  
Step 2: Journaling

This summer, the assignment is to add EIGHT (8) entries in your journal.  Keep going if you wish … but that is the assignment. 

Select at least THREE of these journaling prompts.  The other 5 can come from the same list or you can journal on your own. 

  • Each entry should take about ten minutes.
  • Benefits of journaling include:  increased creativity and focus, stress reduction, increased achievement, improved working memory, better reading and writing skills.
  • If you haven't started a journal, now is your time!   It is your space. Your journal is a NO grammar zone... no need to edit.  The journals will not be graded, though you may be asked to share something you have journaled about and the journal itself will be briefly reviewed (to see that the entries are there). Journal entries can be written or visual/artistic. They should each relate to the reading or other aspects of identity. Truly anything that springs to mind when you open the journal!    
  • Handwritten or digital journals are both options.

Step 3: Show your Identity: Self Portrait

Create something that shows YOU!  There are so many options to choose from: drawing to photos to videos, words, sculptures.  Find various examples and the details here.   
Email a pic of your self portrait or the digital file to PASL@proctoracademy.org.

Proctor Academy Summer Literacy Program 2022: Identity

This summer, the Proctor community explores facets of personal identity. 

This past spring on campus, the Proctor Community connected with identity this spring (click on the links below to read more!). 

Hays Speeches: There is something you might not know about me.
The annual Hays Speaking Prize showcased student-selected speeches that focused on many facets of identity:
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Race
  • Social Media
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Sport
Musical Theater: “What makes you special makes you strong”.
The Spring Musical, Shrek, shines a spotlight on identity.  
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