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Why Do We Read?

 At Proctor, we believe in the value of immersing ourselves in the written word as we expand worldviews, reflect on our own life, and immerse ourselves in new worlds that speak vividly to our shared experiences and, as a result, illuminate our shared humanity. Proctor's Summer Literacy Program asks students to use those idyllic days of June, July, and August to complete the three steps below.

Summer Literacy 2020: Three Steps to Climate Literacy

Step 1: Reading
This summer, individuals in the Proctor Community will explore interdisciplinary articles, podcasts, videos, datasets and yes...books on Climate Science self-selected from a curated list of resources. For those who crave the classic summer reading scenario there are highlighted books that you can choose from. Beyond that, explore these Climate Justice resources
Step 2: Journaling
Summer literacy at Proctor also includes individual journaling activity - writing or drawing about the climate theme or anything else. Journals are not read in detail, but are reviewed. Students will select some sections or drawings to share with their advisory group. Journals may be digital and are definitely a no-grammar zone - just write/draw whatever comes to mind! The benefits of journaling are well documented and range from academic improvement to stress reduction. 

Step 3: Micro-Writing
Before the fall term begins, individuals will produce a haiku or 6-word memoir about their summer readings and explorations. Proctor community members should prepare to discuss their inspiration and share their work.  Each advisory will collaborate on a single digital presentation of their group's work.

* Students enrolled in AP courses for the Fall Term should complete their assigned AP reading (linked on this page) in addition to three steps noted above.

**Students studying on Ocean Classroom or Proctor en Segovia students should complete program specific summer literacy assignments as shared by program directors, as well as complete journaling the micro-writing steps above.

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