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Explore Proctor's on-campus academic courses, athletics, arts, college counseling, and residential life programs to better understand the breadth and depth of a Proctor experience.

Athletics at Proctor

Proctor’s athletics program encourages participants to practice the school's core values by demonstrating sportsmanship while striving to attain competitive excellence.

Varied offerings provide growth promoting experiences, preparing participants for success as they develop competencies through collaboration with others to achieve personal and group goals. Proctor promotes athletic achievement commensurate and in balance with the success of all of the school's programs.

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  • Mike's Notes: Why Skiing?

    Mike Henriques
    It’s part of who we are, part of our history, part of what we move forward. Scraps of the history can be found in the woods behind the football field, a wheel nailed to a maple tree signals the old rope tow. Stories swirl of slope improvement that involve students, dynamite, and a granite stater do-it-yourself mentality. Every institution has legacy, tradition, and it’s important in the current hustle to evolve and to become the new next, legacy is not forgotten. Read more HERE
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  • Embracing a Fresh Air Life

    Scott Allenby
    Living through COVID-19, and resultant shift to an almost entirely digital world, has amplified our need to disconnect from our devices and reconnect with nature. So as temperatures drop, snowflakes start to fall, and you hear a stiff north wind rattling your window panes, layer up and embrace the fresh-air life. It's what we will be doing at Proctor all winter. Read more HERE.
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  • Better Together: Swarming of a Community

    Scott Allenby
    When groups find a collective rhythm of movement through space, psychologists refer to it as swarming. How appropriate for our own little Hornet Nation? We swarmed together throughout the Fall Term and are prepared to swarm once again this winter, at first from a distance, but eventually together. Because we know well that life is simply better when we are together. Read more HERE.
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