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College Counseling

College Counseling strives to expand students’ knowledge and horizons in the context of a highly individualized counseling process. The goal of the office is to foster students’ academic, intellectual and personal growth while empowering them to take ownership of the college process and their futures. The students who find the greatest success in the college admission process are those who understand their abilities, passions and interests, and are therefore able to find the “right fit.” Historically, Proctor students have had the motivation and the self-awareness to make such matches. They trust their hearts and inner-self, allowing insight, not college rankings, to guide their post Proctor careers.

Upcoming Events

College Admission Testing Webinar: Presented by Summit Test Prep
Audience: Parents/ Guardians (Grades 10 and 11)
View recording HERE.

College Admission Panel 
Audience: Students and Parents/Guardians of Juniors 
View recording HERE.
Panel Includes:        
  • Danielle Wells, Associate Director of Admissions, Boston College
  • Christina DeCario, Executive Dir. of Admissions, College of Charleston  
  • Owen Bligh, Sr. Associate Dean of Admission, Providence College

Rewatch - College Funding Webinar by SMARTTRACT
Audience: Parents/ Guardians (Grades 9, 10, and 11).
Watch Recording HERE

Proctor's College Counseling Timeline

Freshmen Year
• Develop good study skills
• Build a four-year plan with your advisor- including possible
off-campus programs
• Make the most of your academic opportunities
• Take interesting classes, try new sports/activities/volunteer
• Build strong relationships with faculty and peers
• Choose summer activities that are fulfilling and engaging

Sophomore Year
• Review your 4-year plan with your advisor, including interest in off-campus programs
• Take PSAT in October
• Attend college counseling meeting to learn about accessing your PSAT scores
•. Remain engaged in academic and extracurricular pursuits
•. Choose fulfilling/engaging summer activities including pursuing a passion, community service, reading, working, spending time with family and friends
•. Check out some college campuses
•. Log into Naviance
• Athletes should be attending showcases/camps and keeping online recruiting forms up to date

Junior Year
•. Participate in the Junior College Seminar Program 
• Attend College Rep Sessions (many hosted at Proctor)
• Take PSAT in October
• Attend Fall Family Weekend College Counseling Presentation
• Students complete “Junior Questionnaire” in Naviance
• Parents complete “Parent Questionnaire” in Naviance
• College Counselor requested or assigned
*Juniors off-campus Spring Term
-Register for the October ACT and November SAT
-Meet with your college counselor to develop an exploratory list

• Meet with your college counselor to develop your exploratory list
• Attend weekly Junior Seminar meetings. (Open an Common Application)
• Begin ongoing research of exploratory list
• Register for the Spring ACT and SAT
• Plan and schedule college visits for March break
*Juniors off-campus Spring Term
-Attend off-campus college counseling meeting
-Request teacher recommendations

•. Visit colleges over March break
• Schedule a meeting with your college counselor to discuss
your visits and review your list
• Attend weekly Junior Seminar Meetings
• Register June ACT and SAT, if applicable
• Request teacher recommendations
• Discuss Senior Year courses with your College Counselor

• Continue college visits
• Schedule interviews
• Start organizing and reviewing applications
• Work on college essay and supplemental essay questions
• Create a resume of activities, work experience, interests
and community service
• Work on portfolio/ audition if applicable
• Research scholarship opportunities
• Pursue SAT/ACT prep, if interested
• Be productive: work, study, perform community service,
complete summer reading and enjoy time with family
and friends
• August 1st roll over Common App / Match to Naviance
*If you are planning to be off-campus during Fall Term of your
senior year, schedule a August  meeting with your college
• Register for Fall ACT/SAT

Senior Year
• Stay focused on academic and extracurricular pursuits
• Schedule a meeting with your college counselor to share
college visits update
• Discuss ED/EA with college counselor
• Attend college admission rep visits at Proctor
• Finalize college essays
• Pull together Financial Aid information
•. Finalize college application list
• Check deadline dates on all college applications
• Interview during Thanksgiving break, if applicable
*Seniors off-campus Winter Term: All Transcript Requests must
be submitted prior to leaving campus

• Complete ALL applications no later than December 15th
•. Meet required deadlines for FAFSA and CSS
• Continue to research and apply for scholarships

•. Make an appointment with your college counselor to
discuss your final college decision
• Report your decisions in Naviance
•. Take AP Exams (if applicable)
• Final Transcript is automatically sent to the college you
are attending as noted in Naviance
•. Graduation - Congratulations!

Meet the Office

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of E. Michael Koenig

    E. Michael Koenig 

    Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Lisa Partridge

    Lisa (McKenna) Partridge 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Jill Lowman

    Jill (Makechnie) Lowman 

    Registrar/College Counselor
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