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Environmental Stewardship

We don’t just teach environmental responsibility at Proctor: we practice it. Students helped write an Environmental Mission Statement that sets the highest standards of sustainability and carbon neutrality. We leverage student engagement through classes, Project Period and in dorms to find innovative, local solutions to global problems. We manage our own 2500 acre woodlot and student cut, split, stack and eventually heat their dorms with that wood. We capture electrons with solar panels, a project researched and initiated by students. We practice recycling and energy conservation.

Like so many things at Proctor, this is not imposed on students from above; our commitment is grounded in shared values.
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Institutional Commitment

Proctor’s long-standing institutional commitment to environmental sustainability is evidenced by these recent projects:
  • 2022 - Solar installations planned for the new Woodlands Building.
  • 2022 - Over one acre of solar panels installed on the Farrell Field House totaling 412,000 kwh of production, nearly doubling Proctor's solar production. 
  • 2021 - Electric car charges installed at the Farrell Field House. 
  • 2020 - Solar installations on the Mike Henriques and Betsy Paine Outdoor Center completed. 
  • 2017 - Solar installations on Burbank Dormitories and the Head's House and Annex brought total solar capacity on Proctor's campus to 428.2 kW. 
  • 2016 - Completion of Proctor Dining Commons, a net-zero ready dining facility that is the greenest building ever built on Proctor's campus.
  • 2015 - Installation of 250,000 kwh of photovoltaic solar panels on four buildings and at the Proctor Ski Area by ReVision Energy which brought Proctor's solar production on Proctor's campus to over 320,000 kwh per year! 
  • 2014 - Installation of 35 high efficiency Lusio full dimming light fixtures in the Farrell Field House that will reduce electricity consumption by more than 50,000 KW hours a year while also tripling the available lighting in the facility.
  • 2013 - Increased efficiency of snow guns has reduced 210,000 kWh to 30,000 kWh use and required 50% less time to make the snow.
  • 2013 - Installation of 273 photovoltaic on the Wilkins Meeting house generating more than 70,000 kwh of renewable electricity per year.
  • 2013 - Completion of Sally B Dormitory on North Street - featuring energy efficient lighting
  • 2012 - Canon Dining Hall sets and exceeds goal for serving local/organic foods - in 2015 16% of all food served.
  • 2011 - Zero-sort recycling policy instituted
  • 2009 - Completion of Peabody House dormitory utilizing geothermal heating and cooling and all repurposed hardwood flooring throughout the building.
  • 2008 - Housekeeping and Maintenance overt commitment to using non-toxic cleaning products
  • 2008 - Biomass heating facility installed replacing campus steam plant. This woodchip fed biomass plant has helped Proctor reduce heating oil consumption on campus by more than 65%.
  • 2008 - Environmental Mission Statement adopted striving to achieve a carbon neutral campus and guiding institutional decisions for making environmentally responsible choices.
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