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Earth Day

Proctor students have been observing Earth Day every year since the nation first paused to consider our endangered planet on April 22, 1970. Throughout the winter, faculty and students design educational workshops, hikes and activities that will heighten awareness of environmental challenges and opportunities on a special day in April. As is only appropriate, Earth Day observances are organic: evolving and changing from year to year. Proctor observes Earth Day on a day that suits our calendar, not necessarily the nation’s Earth Day. Learn more about this year’s Earth Day celebration here!

Green Dorm Challenge

Since 2004 dormitories have taken part in an energy conservation challenge to lower their energy and resource use. Friendly competition to increase awareness and conservation efforts is the goal. The top three dorms with the best conservation behaviors were eligible for a cash prize. Winning dorms beat out the competition through efforts to turn off lights, close windows, demonstrate recycling and altered rooms to improve heating efficiency. The efforts generate authentic conversations and examination of how personal behaviors can impact the campus, and the climate.

Proctor Environmental Action (PEA)

Proctor Environmental Action is a student run and driven club that strives to educate the community on environmentally responsible practices and raise awareness of global challenges and opportunities. Action is the key word here. Students involved do not just identify problems, they strive to find and implement solutions. In doing so those past PEA members have invigorated the environmental mission by changing the school culture.

Recent PEA Initiatives:
  • Elimination of cafeteria tray use (which reduced food waste by 11%)
  • Refusal to purchase and promote bottled water as an institution
  • Streamlining of our recycling service from a multi-sort system to an effective single sort system
  • Local and organic Mondays & Thursday dinners in the Canon Dining Hall
  • Involvement in the creation of the environmental mission statement
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