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Student Health and Wellness

As a boarding school, Proctor is responsible for the overall health and well-being of its 365 students and faculty members. In order to ensure a healthy community, proactive focus on student health and wellness is central to our academic and residential life curriculum. Learn more about Proctor's Student Health and Wellness efforts on the subpages below. 

Program Overview

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  • Health and Wellness Center

    Proctor operates a 24-hour health center staffed with registered nurses and provides regular access to a school doctor. Learn more about the resources provided by Proctor's Health Center HERE!
  • Health and Wellness Curriculum

    Proctor's integrated student health and wellness curriculum spans from Freshman Seminar courses to visiting speakers to intentional residential life curriculum in dormitories and advisory groups. Learn more about Proctor's commitment to student health and wellness education here!
  • Mental Health and Counseling

    Proctor's support system extends beyond a student's advisor, teachers, coach, and dorm parent to an integrated mental health support system. Learn more about this system here!
  • Mindfulness

    At Proctor, we understand the busyness of life at a boarding school can compromise a student's health and wellness. Therefore, for the past 15 years, we have instituted an intentional mindfulness curriculum across all areas of school life. Learn more about Proctor's commitment to mindfulness here!
  • Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise

    Fueling the adolescent brain and body is no easy task! Learn how Proctor works to make sure our students are as rested, well-fed, and active as possible. Learn about our work in this area here!
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