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Explore Proctor's on-campus academic courses, athletics, arts, college counseling, and residential life programs to better understand the breadth and depth of a Proctor experience.

Areas of Focus

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  • Freshman Seminar

    All incoming ninth graders are enrolled in a Freshman Seminar course. Teachers approach Freshman Seminar from the perspective of nutrition and sleep and basic self-care. Through dialogue and creative art projects, students explore how technology, substance, and self-care intersect their life at boarding school. Hear more about our Freshman Seminar here!
  • Sophomore Seminar

    Proctor's Sophomore Seminar is a term-long course all tenth graders complete that looks closely at the role of social media, substance, body-image, mental health, and personal care. This course builds on the foundation laid during Freshman Seminar and helps students transition to their junior and senior years.
  • Substance and Addiction Education

    Proctor provides education within Freshman Seminar, Sophomore Seminar, as well as access to resources within the Health Center to both educate and treat addiction with our students. Proctor has also taken part in a longitudinal study by University of Michigan on substance use at Proctor, and utilizes that data to inform visiting speakers as they present the impact of substance on learning and adolescent brain development to the community. Visiting speakers (listed on the right sidebar) have brought additional insights to the student body. 
  • Teaching About Healthy Relationships

    In addition to Freshman Seminar and Sophomore Seminar classes, Proctor has partnered with the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire and visiting speakers Derric Gay, Cindy Pierce, Michael Kimmel, and Eric Barthold to educate both students and adults in the community about healthy relationships. These conversations extend beyond romantic relationships to the ideals of the Proctor community and our expectations of treating each with respect and kindness. Advisors and adults in the community work to model healthy relationships amongst each other, with our students, and through inviting students into our families.
  • Technology and Digital Literacy

    Proctor's Technology Integrationist and Librarian team up with classroom teachers, dorm parents, and advisors to provide students with digital literacy education. Conversations cover both the healthy and safe use of technology, as well as the impact technology can have on sleep habits and social interactions. 

Health and Wellness Curriculum

Proctor's student health and wellness curriculum is overseen by our Student Health and Wellness Coordinator and spans both academic and residential life curriculums. Much of our health and wellness curriculum is integrated into advisory and dorm conversations, as well as the Freshman Seminar course all incoming ninth graders complete during their first year. Tenth graders take part in a Sophomore Seminar discussing the challenges surrounding substance, sex, and decision-making in high school. Proctor also hosts a Wellness Speaker Series each year targeting specific topics most relevant to our student body; including conversations around substance, healthy relationships, diversity, and personal wellness habits.
Read more about Health and Wellness Initiatives at Proctor!

Recent Health and Wellness Speakers

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  • Improbable Players - Spring 2017

    Proctor welcomed the Improbably Players, an acting troop of recovering addicts, to campus as they performed a short play and spent significant time in an open, honest question and answer session discussing the role of addiction in their own lives as well as their on-going road to recovery. Learn more about the Improbable Players here!
  • Derrick Gay - Fall /Winter 2016

    Throughout the 2016-2017 academic year, Derrick Gay will visit campus for a series of engagements with the Proctor community. His work will focus on helping the Proctor community understand, embrace, and cultivate our relationship with diversity. Learn more about Derrick Gay's work here. 
  • Matt Bellace - Spring 2016

    Matt Bellace joined the Proctor community for a hilarious evening of stand-up comedy and awareness around the impact of substance on teenagers lives. Learn more about Matt Bellace here!
  • Alex Myers - Spring 2016

    Alex Myers spoke to the Proctor community in April 2016 about his life as a transexual student, and now teacher, at Phillips Exeter Academy. Alex shared his life story in parallel to discussing his book, Revolutionary. Read more about Alex's work here. 
  • Cindy Pierce - Winter 2016

    Cindy Pierce joined the Proctor community in January 2016 to educate students and faculty on the notion of social courage as it relates to both healthy relationships and substance abuse. Read more about Cindy's visit to Proctor here! 
  • Dr. Michael Kimmel - Fall 2015

    Dr. Michael Kimmel visited campus in September 2015 to speak with students and faculty about the intersection of masculinity and adolescent culture. His conversation with male athletes, as well as with the entire student body, mixed his own research with powerful anecdotal stories of the misconception of masculinity in today's society. Read more about Dr. Kimmel's visit to Proctor here!
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