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Mental Health and Wellness

A student's integrated support system at Proctor includes his or her advisor, Learning Specialist, dorm parent, coach, and teachers. This group of trusting adults surrounds each student with the adult relationships critical to navigating adolescents. Over the past twenty years, the number of adolescents in the United States seeking mental health counseling or out patient treatment has more than doubled, and we recognize the organic relationships that surround each student are not always a sufficient support. 

As part of Proctor's Student Health and Wellness program we provide our student body with both 1:1 mental health counseling as well as provide access to support groups led by our mental health professionals working in conjunction with the school's Student Health and Wellness Coordinator and Health Center staff. 

Additional Resources

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  • Local Counselors and Psychiatrists

    Proctor recognizes not all students will be best serve by our school counselors, and may seek additional resources. Proctor has established relationships with local psychiatrists and counselors, and partners with Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center to best support students in need. 
  • Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire

    Proctor has a strong partnership with the Crisis Center of New Hampshire, including anonymous support for students in need and regular on-campus training sessions for students and faculty. Learn more about the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire here! 

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  • Photo of Kara Kidder

    Kara Kidder 

    Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
  • Photo of Robin Mayer

    Robin Mayer 

    Mental Health Professional
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