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Mindfulness at Proctor

Adolescents have never had more demands on their time through omnipresent technology, pressures of college admissions, athletic and artistic pursuits, social demands, and, of course, academic classes. Without an intentional focus on teaching students to be mindful of the demands they are facing, the very reason many families decide boarding school is the best educational option for their student (to surround their child with support and learning opportunities) is compromised. 

Proctor developed a Mindfulness and Meditation curriculum over 15 years ago to proactively teach students to manage stress in a healthy manner. We continue to offer academic courses in mindfulness and meditation to students throughout the academic day that are supplemented by an institutional commitment to elevating mindfulness within the community. 

Our Mindfulness Practices

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  • Mindfulness and Meditation Class

    Proctor offers a skills course in Mindfulness and Meditation during the academic day. During the class, students are exposed to the benefits of meditation practices and are able to take advantage of guided meditation by instructors. 
  • Learning Skills Program

    Proctor's Learning Skills program serves roughly one third of the student body with integrated academic support. Central to the Learning Skills curriculum is a focus on creating self-awareness among students to the stressors in their lives and how they can proactively manage stress through time management and mindfulness practices.
  • Project Period Offerings

    Each spring, Proctor's Project Period experiences offers at least one program focused on exposing students to the benefits of meditation practices. Project Period groups have spent time at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge and have worked directly with current parents who work professionally as yoga and mindfulness instructors. 
  • Environmental Mindfulness

    Proctor's deep rooted commitment to environmental stewardship at all levels of the institution enhances student understanding of the need to be mindful of their impact on the world around them. Learn more about Environmental Stewardship here! 
  • Mountain Classroom Program

    Proctor's Mountain Classroom program has long embraced meditation practices as a core component of their group dynamics and individual wellness curriculum. Students' sense of place and connection to their collective work as a group on Mountain Classroom are enhanced through an intentional focus on mindfulness practices.
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