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Fueling the Adolescent Brain

Proctor students are always on the go. Up before 7:00 am, off to class by 8:10 am, engaging with teachers in academic courses until 3:15 pm. And then their days start to get busy; afternoon athletics and activities, followed by dinner and extra help sessions prior to study hall at 8:00 pm. Study hall ends at 10:00 pm, and then there’s dorm life, roommate negotiations, and writing that college essay due yesterday. This type of schedule requires students to fuel their body with both a healthy dose of sleep each night, a well balanced diet, and regular exercise! 

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  • Nutrition

    Proctor’s independent Dining Services team has long prepared fresh, homemade foods for the Proctor community. We strive to balance and emphasize healthy fats, a variety of protein sources, and complex carbohydrates at every meal. Our staff knows nutrition matters to our students, and are working hard to help our students better understand that connection as well. Additionally, Proctor's teams and afternoon programs have access to a certified sports nutritionist on staff for regular meetings about nutrition and fueling their bodies for competition. Learn more about Proctor's Dining Services here! 
  • Sleep Hygiene

    On average, adolescents operate on two hours less sleep than their bodies need. Despite a busy schedule at Proctor, we are committed to an 8:10 am start to the academic day and a 10:30 pm in room policy for all boarding students. We work to teach students the importance of sleep hygiene through Fresman Seminar and Sophomore Seminar classes and through intentional conversations in dormitories. More resources on sleep hygiene and adolescents are available for students, parents, and faculty in their myProctor portal.
  • Exercise and Fitness

    Equally important to healthy sleep and eating habits for adolescents is regular exercise. Whether it is a walk around campus, a run on the rail trail, a mountain bike ride in the Proctor Woodlands, or playing on an athletics team, taking time to focus on regular exercise leads to increased brain activity, focus, and energy. Read more about Proctor's Afternoon Activities and Athletics!
Read more about Health and Wellness Initiatives at Proctor!
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