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Explore Proctor's on-campus academic courses, athletics, arts, college counseling, and residential life programs to better understand the breadth and depth of a Proctor experience.

Student Life

At Proctor, teachers listen to students; the administration listens to its faculty, and rules and structures exist where they make sense. There is plenty of academic structure, and always significant communication, but our lives here are guided by values (honesty, respect, compassion and responsibility), not by strict regulations. You can address a teacher by her first name, choose which meals to attend and wear jeans to class. The Green Book Student Handbook provides clear expectations for student behavior and administrative response to disciplinary actions, but we are a school where a positive attitude and the willingness to work hard allow students to exceed all expectations.

Student life at Proctor is filled with opportunities to engage with the community. Explore the resources on this page to learn more about student life at Proctor.

Student Life Resources

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  • Advisors and Communication

    Perhaps the most important relationship a student will develop at Proctor is with his or her advisor. Read about our advisor system and unique communication model.
  • Assembly

    Three times each week at 10:00 AM, the bell atop Maxwell Savage Hall tolls, calling the Proctor community together for an experience of itself: assembly. Listen to Assembly Podcasts.
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  • Dining Services

    Having homemade meals prepared by a talented dining services staff three times a day is just one of the perks of attending Proctor. Read more about meal menus, dining facilities, and nutritional goals.
  • Health Services

    Proctor provides a variety of health services to students in its Health Center. Read more about health services.
  • Leadership Opportunities

    Both formal and informal opportunities for leadership abound at Proctor. Learn how you can further hone your leadership skills!
  • Residential Life

    Regardless of whether you are a boarding or day student, Proctor’s residential life curriculum seeks to develop a healthy, vibrant community in which every student feels at home. Read more about what it is like to be a day-student or a boarding student.
  • Student Activities

    Each week Student Activities partners with Student Leadership to plan the weekend’s activities. 
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Student Life in Action!

Meet the Staff

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  • Photo of Andrew Donaldson

    Andrew Donaldson 

    Dean of Students/Cycling
  • Photo of Megan Hardie

    Megan Hardie 

    Life Skills Faculty/Student Health & Wellness Coordinator
  • Photo of Lori Patriacca

    Lori Patriacca 

    Learning Specialist / Native American Program Director/Assistant Equity and Belonging Director/Dorm
  • Photo of Gabrielle Stone

    Gabrielle Stone 

    Student Activities Coordinator/Assistant Equipment Manager/Track
  • Photo of Doreen  Taylor

    Doreen  Taylor 

    Admin Asstistant to Student Life
  • Photo of Kyle Tremblay

    Kyle Tremblay 

    Dean of Residential Life/ Learning Skills Specialist
  • Photo of William Wamaru

    William Wamaru 

    Dean of Equity and Belonging
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