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Advisors & Communication

The concept of “structure” at Proctor is complex. At first glance, the school does not look or feel strict, largely because it isn’t. At other schools, structure is confused with formalities: formal dress, sit-down meals, hierarchic relationships, and seniority privileges. Although these traditions are not part of Proctor's culture, it does not mean we are unstructured. Our advisory and communication systems provide considerable structure for students.
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Role of the Advisor

Each student has a faculty advisor whose role is to serve as the primary contact person for that student. The advisor schedules his or her advisee’s classes and has daily conversations during advisory period or assembly. The role of the advisor is to be wholly supportive as Proctor places great responsibility on the advisor to be on top of each student’s life and to serve as the primary contact person for each the advisee’s family. If you need to change classes, or wish to room with a different student, or are simply feeling homesick, you turn to your advisor for help and support. That’s what we call structure!

Advisories also work together once a term to serve the greater community by having dish duty. A responsibility that originated in the 1940s as a way to help lower tuition costs by reducing support staff, dish duty has evolved into a team building activity that allows each student to help support the daily operations of the school.


Official Notes & Communication

At Proctor, structure also refers to communication and spontaneous feedback when a student’s work or behavior is deviates from expectations. Through our Official Notes system, electronic feedback is regularly sent to a support team for a student, including the student himself, parents, advisor, Learning Specialist, coach, and dorm parent. These Official Notes are not negative, but rather constructive in nature and can serve as the impetus for face-to-face communication between student and advisor about academic performance, behavior, or community engagement.
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