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Technology Integration Philosophy

The infusion of technology into the learning experience of students at Proctor is not isolated to one department, but rather spans the entire curriculum. A school wide 1:1 iPad program allows teachers and students to create dynamic learning environments on Proctor’s completely wireless campus.  Educational technology tools are essential to 21st century learning. However, our ultimate goal is to graduate digital, media and globally literate students who are able to access, examine and ethically use information to enhance their own learning and contribute to the world. Faculty understanding of technology integration at Proctor is focused on value based leadership, pioneer teaching, and professional learning.

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  • Value Based Leadership

    Proctor’s technology integration plan flows from our mission and profile of a Proctor graduate.

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  • Pioneering Teaching

    Proctor’s educators use technology to differentiate instruction, to personalize learning and to create a more active, experiential learning environment for students.
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  • Professional Learning

    Proctor’s technology integration program extends well beyond students and teachers working to integrate technology in the classroom.
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Case Studies in Ed Tech at Proctor

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