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As a 501(c)(3) educational institution, Proctor relies on the support of friends to achieve its mission to create a diverse learning community. Learn how you can support our mission.

Planned Estate Giving

The Dunbar Legacy Society is named in honor of James L. Dunbar, a 1949 graduate of Proctor Academy. Growing up with the misdiagnosed and misunderstood disability now known as dyslexia was very difficult for a child in the 1930s and ‘40s. At Proctor, Jim made friends and found teachers who really cared about his well-being and academic growth. In those blessed years at Proctor, his academic growth was mirrored by growing self-confidence and positive attitude, and that positive attitude became the key ingredient to his success in the years to come. After graduation from Proctor, Jim studied in college, and in 1956 launched his own company. Today, Dunbar Armored is the largest independently owned company of its type in the United States.

“By including Proctor Academy in my giving, I know that I am making a meaningful contribution to the lives of aspiring young people--like the one I once was. At the same time, I take immense satisfaction knowing that I am giving in return for the many blessings my family and I have received from Proctor. Your love for this school will perpetuate the Proctor experience for generations of young people—many of whom will benefit from the school’s extraordinary support programs. My dream for success came true. Together, we can make countless dreams come true.”

The Dunbar Society was established to recognize all those who have made a provision for Proctor Academy through a bequest, trust, insurance or retirement policy, or other estate-planning vehicle. Jim is a visionary advocate for the advancement of Proctor and its programs. In addition to extraordinary annual and capital support that spans decades, he has made a generous gift to Proctor through a bequest. Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support and appreciation for Proctor.

It is a privilege to recognize alumni, parents, and friends who share in Jim’s vision for Proctor, and have included the school in their future philanthropy. For more information on making a planned gift, or to enroll in The James L. Dunbar '49 Legacy Society, please contact:  Keith Barrett ’80, Director of Development (603) 735-6200 or keith@proctoracademy.org.

To Make a Planned Gift:

Meet our Development Team

Proctor Academy Development Office
P.O. Box 389
Andover, NH 03216
FAX: 603-735-5158
Our Tax ID#

501 C3, 02-0222179

To contact us:

Keith Barrett '80, P'14, '16: 603-735-6200

Jenny Fisher: 603-735-6218

Bonny Morris P'06, '17: 603-735-6267

Kate Newick: 603-735-6881

Members of The James L. Dunbar '49 Legacy Society

Mrs. Margaret Andrews P'12
Mr. Thomas M. Blakemore
Mr. Thomas M. Bryant '23
Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Cangiano, Jr. P'07
Mrs. James P. Cleveland GP'02
Mrs. Melody N. Cooke
Mr. Richard A. Cooke '49
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus C. Cushman P'78
Mr. Thomas Dodd '58
Estate of William C. Drinkard
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dunbar, Sr. '49, GP'02
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Philip English P'54
Mr. Richard L. English '54
Mr. John W. Fisher, III '72
Mr. Joseph Foote '49
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hobbs P'89
Estate of Mrs. Mildred Jaynes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Johnson, Jr. '44
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Johnson P'88, GP'17
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Johnson P'95
Dr. Everett N. Jones '57, P'08, '09
The Grace C. Jordan Trust
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Kittell P'90
Mrs. Helen D. Ladd 1912 and Mr. George E. Ladd, Jr. 1916 
Estate of Hazel D. Leonard '27
Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Lowry GP'00
Estate of Grace A. McAuslan '23
Mr. Michael W. Nash '56
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Newell '48
Rev. and Mrs. William N. Peabody P'82, '86
Mr. John B. Pendleton and Ms. Elizabeth Carruthers P'85, '88, GP'00, '13, '15
Mrs. Jean Prior
Mr. James W. Reichert '50
Estate of George A. Robinson
Mr. Sumner Rulon-Miller III '57
Mr. Gregory R. Samaha '71
Ms. Susan St. John P'95
The Estate of Karen Stableford P'96
The Estate of Oscar P. Thrasher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Usen P'96
Rev. Dr. Horace F. Westwood '30
Located in  Andover, NH,  Proctor Academy is a private coeducational day and boarding school for grades 912. Students benefit from a rigorous academic program, experiential off-campus programs, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.
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