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Proctor Academy Athletic Hall of Fame

The Proctor Academy Athletic Hall of Fame will induct its first class at Reunion 2017! The Hall of Fame is being formed to recognize and honor those women and men who distinguished themselves as outstanding contributors to athletics while at Proctor and who have continued to exemplify the values core to the community: respect, responsibility, compassion and honesty in their personal and professional lives. 

List of 11 items.

  • Nick Fairall ‘07

    Ski Jumping | Boys’ Soccer | Cycling
    USA Ski Jumping Team, US Olympic Team (Sochi ‘14)
  • Jed Hinkley ‘99

    Nordic Combined | Kayaking | Cycling
    US Nordic Combined Ski Team, US Olympic Team (Salt Lake City ‘02), USA Canoe Kayak National Junior Team in 1997, USSA Nordic Combined National Junior Team
  • Carl Van Loan ‘98

    Nordic Combined | Boys’ Soccer | Cycling
    US Nordic Combined Ski Team, US Olympic Team (Salt Lake City ‘02, Torino ‘06)
  • Caroline Heatley ‘91

    Field Hockey | Hockey | Lacrosse
    Northeastern University Women’s Hockey
  • Diane Fowler ‘80

    Soccer | Lacrosse
    University of New Hampshire Women’s Soccer
  • Bruce Van Ness ‘65

    Football | Hockey | Baseball | Lacrosse
    Rutgers University Football and Lacrosse 
    Montreal Alouettes of the CFL
  • Sanford White ‘61

    Football | Hockey | Baseball
  • Spence Wright | Coach 1951-1970

    Football, Hockey, and Baseball Coach 
    Math Instructor 
    Director of Athletics
  • Bob Livingston | Coach 1970-2005

    Lacrosse, Football, and Basketball Coach 
    Social Science Instructor 
    Director of Athletics
  • Tim Norris | Coach 1966-2011

    Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, and Soccer Coach 
    English Instructor
    Director of College Counseling
  • Girls’ Hockey | 1982-1983

    Proctor’s first girls’ hockey team coached by Tom Eslick and David Fowler

Nomination Criteria and Process

Criteria for Individual Student/Athlete Nomination
  • The nominee must have demonstrated excellence while competing at Proctor.
  • The nominee must be in a graduating class at least 10 years from the recognition year. The nominee must be a positive role model and show leadership qualities.
  • The nominee must demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship and spirit.

Criteria for Team, Coach, or Other Selection
  • The coach/faculty nominee must be currently unaffiliated with Proctor, or retirement pending. The team nominee should be five years removed from its season of accomplishment.
  • The nominee must be a positive role model and show leadership qualities.
  • The nominee must demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship and spirit.
  • Posthumous nominees and benefactors will be inducted at the discretion of the committee.

Nomination Procedure
  • The Hall of Fame Committee will accept nominations submitted on the official online nomination form or by mailed submissions to Athletic Director Gregor Makechnie ‘90.
  • Nominators should provide as much detail and information as possible about the nominee.
  • Once an individual is nominated, he or she will remain on the nomination list. 
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